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Solutions for Energy, AiR, Climate and Health Center (SEARCH)

Yale University

Our main Objective is to investigate emerging energy transitions in the U.S. and resulting air pollution and health outcomes through state-of-the-science modeling and measurements to characterize factors contributing to emissions, air quality and health. We will estimate how these factors affect regional and local differences in air pollution and health today and under global change and will quantify the impacts of key modifiable factors on air quality and health and associated changes under current and future conditions. We hypothesize that pending U.S. energy transitions will profoundly impact air quality and health.

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SEARCH: Solutions to Energy, AiR, Climate, and Health

Center Research Projects:

R835871C001 - Project 1: Modeling Emissions from Energy Transitions

R835871C002 - Project 2: Assessment of Energy-Related Sources, Factors and Transitions Using Novel High-Resolution Ambient Air Monitoring Networks and Personal Monitors

R835871C003 - Project 3: Air Quality and Climate Change Modeling: Improving Projections of the Spatial and Temporal Changes of Multipollutants to Enhance Assessment of Public Health in a Changing World

R835871C004 - Project 4: Human Health Impacts of Energy Transitions: Today and Under a Changing World