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Journal Article Bravo MA, Anthopolos R, Bell ML, Miranda ML. Racial isolation and exposure to airborne particulate matter and ozone in understudied US populations: environmental justice applications of downscaled numerical model output. Environment International 2016;92-93:247-255. R835871 (2016)
R835871 (2017)
R835871C004 (2016)
Journal Article Bravo MA, Ebisu K, Dominici F, Wang Y, Peng RD, Bell ML. Airborne fine particles and risk of hospital admissions for understudied populations: effects by urbanicity and short-term cumulative exposures in 708 U.S. counties. Environmental Health Perspectives 2017;125(4):594-601. R833863 (Final)
R834798 (Final)
R835871 (2016)
R835871 (2017)
R835871C004 (2016)
R835871C004 (2017)
Journal Article Gentner DR, Xiong F. Tracking pollutant emissions. Nature Geoscience 2017;10(12):883-884. R835871C002 (2017)
Journal Article Glotfelty T, He J, Zhang Y. Improving organic aerosol treatments in CESM/CAM5: development, application, and evaluation. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 2017;9(2):1506-1539. R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Goldberg DL, Lamsal LN, Loughner CP, Swartz WH, Lu Z, Streets DG. A high-resolution and observationally constrained OMI NO2 satellite retrieval. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics 2017;17(18):11403-11421. R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Keet CA, Keller JP, Peng RD. Long-term coarse particulate matter exposure is associated with asthma among children in Medicaid. American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine 2018;197(6):737-746. R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Krall JR, Hackstadt AJ, Peng RD. A hierarchical modeling approach to estimate regional acute health effects of particulate matter sources. Statistics in Medicine 2017;36(9):1461-1475. R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Li H, Dailey J, Kale T, Besar K, Koehler K, Katz HE. Sensitive and selective NO2 sensing based on alkyl- and alkylthio-thiophene polymer conductance and conductance ratio changes from differential chemical doping. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2017;9(24):20501-20507. R835871 (2017)
R835871C002 (2017)
Journal Article Liu JC, Wilson A, Mickley LJ, Dominici F, Ebisu K, Wang Y, Sulprizio MP, Peng RD, Yue X, Son JY, Anderson GB, Bell ML. Wildfire-specific fine particulate matter and risk of hospital admissions in urban and rural counties. Epidemiology 2017;28(1):77-85. R834798 (Final)
R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Liu JC, Wilson A, Mickley LJ, Ebisu K, Sulprizio MP, Wang Y, Peng RD, Yue X, Dominici F, Bell ML. Who among the elderly is most vulnerable to exposure to and health risks of fine particulate matter from wildfire smoke? American Journal of Epidemiology 2017;186(6):730-735. R834798 (Final)
R835871 (2017)
R835875 (2017)
Journal Article Shi W, Zheng Y, Taylor AD, Yu J, Katz HE. Increased mobility and on/off ratio in organic field-effect transistors using low-cost guanine-pentacene multilayers. Applied Physics Letters 2017;111(4):043301. R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Shi W, Yu J, Katz HE. Sensitive and selective pentacene-guanine field-effect transistor sensing of nitrogen dioxide and interferent vapor analytes. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 2018;254:940-948. R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Son J-Y, Lane KJ, Lee J-T, Bell ML. Urban vegetation and heat-related mortality in Seoul, Korea. Environmental Research 2016;151:728-733. R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Son J-Y, Lee HJ, Koutrakis P, Bell ML. Pregnancy and lifetime exposure to fine particulate matter and infant mortality in Massachusetts, 2001–2007. American Journal of Epidemiology 2017;186(11):1268-1276. R834798 (Final)
R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Son J-Y, Lee J-T, Bell ML. Is ambient temperature associated with risk of infant mortality? A multi-city study in Korea. Environmental Research 2017;158:748-752. R835871 (2017)
Journal Article Yahya K, Glotfelty T, Wang K, Zhang Y, Nenes A. Modeling regional air quality and climate: improving organic aerosol and aerosol activation processes in WRF/Chem version 3.7.1. Geoscientific Model Development 2017;10(6):2333-2363. R835871 (2017)