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Center for Air, Climate, and Energy Solutions

Carnegie Mellon University

We propose a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research center to address critical questions at the nexus of air, climate, and energy. The center design addresses overarching themes of regional differences, multiple pollutants, and development and dissemination of tools for air quality impact assessment. Novel measurement and modeling approaches will be applied to understand spatial and temporal differences in human exposures and health outcomes. We will investigate a range of technology and policy scenarios for addressing our nation’s air, climate, and energy challenges, and test their potential ability to meet policy goals such as improved health outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

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Main Center Abstract and Reports:

Center for Air, Climate, and Energy Solutions (CACES)

Center Research Projects:

R835873C001 - Mechanistic Air Quality Impact Models for Assessment of Multiple Pollutants at High Spatial Resolution

R835873C002 - Air Quality Observatory

R835873C003 - Next Generation LUR Models: Development of Nationwide Modeling Tools for Exposure Assessment and Epidemiology

R835873C004 - Air Pollutant Control Strategies in a Changing World

R835873C005 - Health Effects of Air Pollution and Mitigation Scenarios