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Health Effects Institute (2015 — 2020)

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Report Coull BA, Bobb JF, Wellenius GA, Kioumourtzoglou M-A, Mittleman MA, Koutrakis P, Godleski JJ, Park ES, Symanski E, Han D, Spiegelman C. Development of statistical methods for multipollutant research. Part 1. Statistical learning methods for the effects of multiple air pollution constituents. Part 2. Development of enhanced statistical methods for assessing health effects associated with an unknown number of major sources of multiple air pollutants. Boston, MA: Health Effects Institute, June 2015, Research Report 183. R834677 (Final)
R835902 (2015)
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Report Gilliland F, Avol E, McConnell R, Berhane K, Gauderman WJ, Lurmann FW, Urman R, Chang R, Rappaport EB, Howland S. The effects of policy-driven air quality improvements on children’s respiratory health. Boston, MA:Health Effects Institute, January 2017, Research Report 190. R835902 (2016)
Report Health Effects Institute. HEI strategic plan for understanding the health effects of air pollution, 2015–2020. Boston, MA: Health Effects Institute, April 2015. R835902 (2015)
Report Health Effects Institute. The Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study (ACES): Executive Summary. Boston, MA: Health Effects Institute, December 2015. R835902 (2015)
Report Health Effects Institute. State of global air 2017: a special report on global exposure to air pollution and its disease burden. Boston, MA: Health Effects Institute, January 2017. R835902 (2016)
Report HEI Diesel Epidemiology Panel. Diesel emissions and lung cancer:an evaluation of recent epidemiological evidence for quantitative risk assessment. Boston, MA:Health Effects Institute, November 2015, Special Report 19. R835902 (2015)
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Report Qian Z, Zhang B, Liang S, Wang J, Yang S, Hu K, Trevathan E, Yang R, Li Q, Flick LH, Hu R, Huang Z, Zhang Y, Hu S, Wang J, Shen L, Lu Y, Peng H, Yu Y, Yang L, Chen W, Liu W, Zhang W. Ambient air pollution and adverse pregnancy outcomes in Wuhan, China. Boston, MA:Health Effects Institute, September 2016, Research Report 189. R835902 (2016)
Report Rich DQ, Peters A, Schneider A, Zareba W, Breitner S, Oakes D, Wiltshire J, Kane C, Frampton MW, Hampel R, Hopke PK, Cyrys J, Utell MJ. Ambient and controlled particle exposures as triggers for acute ECG changes. Boston, MA:Health Effects Institute, May 2016, Research Report 186. R835902 (2016)
Report Ryan PH, Brokamp C, Fan Z-H, Rao MB. Analysis of personal and home characteristics associated with the elemental composition of PM2.5 in indoor, outdoor, and personal air in the RIOPA Study. Boston, MA: Health Effects Institute, December 2015, Research Report 185. R835902 (2015)
Report Tablin F, Miller L, Kass P. Immune effects of episodic ozone and particulate matter exposure during postnatal development. Boston, MA: Health Effects Institute, June 2015 (unpublished report, available on request). R835902 (2015)
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