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Harvard Particle Center

Harvard University

The fundamental objective of this Center is to understand how specific PM characteristics and sources impact inflammation, autonomic responses, and vascular dysfunction.

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Harvard Particle Center

Center Research Projects:

R832416C001 - Cardiovascular Responses in the Normative Aging Study: Exploring the Pathways of Particle Toxicity

R832416C002 - Cardiovascular Toxicity of Concentrated Ambient Fine, Ultrafine and Coarse Particles in Controlled Human Exposures

R832416C003 - Assessing Toxicity of Local and Transported Particles Using Animal Models Exposed to CAPs

R832416C004 - Cardiovascular Effects of Mobile Source Exposures: Effects of Particles and Gaseous Co-pollutants

R832416C005 - Toxicological Evaluation of Realistic Emission Source Aerosol (TERESA): Investigation of Vehicular Emissions