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Rochester PM Center

University of Rochester

The US Environmental Protection Agency has awarded the University of Rochester a STAR ("Science To Achieve Results") Center grant (R827354). It provides support for one of five such centers established to study the role of airborne particulate matter, especially ultrafine particles, in causing health problems. A multidisciplinary team of experienced investigators are testing the hypothesis that ultrafine particles occurring in the urban atmosphere cause adverse health effects.

Center Publications:

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Main Center Abstract and Reports:

Ultrafine Particles: Characterization, Health Effects and Pathophysiological Mechanisms

Center Research Projects:

R827354C001 - Characterization of the Chemical Composition of Atmospheric Ultrafine Particles

R827354C002 - Inflammatory Responses and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Susceptible Populations

R827354C003 - Clinical Studies of Ultrafine Particle Exposure in Susceptible Human Subjects

R827354C004 - Animal Models: Dosimetry, and Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Events

R827354C005 - Ultrafine Particle Cell Interactions: Molecular Mechanisms Leading to Altered Gene Expression

R827354C006 - Development of an Electrodynamic Quadrupole Aerosol Concentrator

R827354C007 - Kinetics of Clearance and Relocation of Insoluble Ultrafine Iridium Particles From the Rat Lung Epithelium to Extrapulmonary Organs and Tissues (Pilot Project)

R827354C008 - Ultrafine Oil Aerosol Generation for Inhalation Studies