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Southern California Particle Center

University of California - Los Angeles

At the Southern California Particle Center, center researchers will investigate the underlying mechanisms that produce the health effects associated with exposure to particulate matter, and attempt to understand how toxic mechanisms and resulting health effects vary with the source, chemical composition and physical characteristics of particulate matter.

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Southern California Particle Center (SCPC)

Center Research Projects:

R832413C001 - Contribution of Primary and Secondary PM Sources to Exposure & Evaluation of Their Relative Toxicity

R832413C002 - Project 2: The Role of Oxidative Stress in PM-induced Adverse Health Effects

R832413C003 - The Chemical Properties of PM and their Toxicological Implications

R832413C004 - Oxidative Stress Responses to PM Exposure in Elderly Individuals With Coronary Heart Disease

R832413C005 - Ultrafine Particles on and Near Freeways