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Southern California Particle Center

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Journal Article Eiguren-Fernandez A, Di Stefano E, Schmitz DA, Guarieiro ALN, Salinas EM, Nasser E, Froines JR, Cho AK. Chemical reactivities of ambient air samples in three Southern California communities. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 2015;65(3):270-277. R832413 (Final) (10/04/18)
Journal Article Ferris DP, Lu J, Gothard C, Yanes R, Thomas CR, Olsen JC, Stoddart JF, Tamanoi F, Zink JI. Synthesis of Biomolecule-modified mesoporous silica nanoparticles for targeted hydrophobic drug delivery to cancer cells. Small 2011;7(13):1816-1826. R832413 (Final) (10/04/18)
Journal Article Fung DC, Zhang QF, Hinds WC, Zhy YF. Particle concentration on freeways: affecting factors and a simple model development. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 2013;13(6):1693-1701. R832413C005 (2010) (04/27/16)
Journal Article Li R, Navab K, Hough G, Daher N, Zhang M, Mittelstein D, Lee K, Pakbin P, Saffari A, Bhetraratana M, Sulaiman D, Beebe T, Wu L, Jen N, Wine E, Tseng C-H, Araujo JA, Fogelman AM, Sioutas C, Navab M, Hsiai T. Effect of exposure to atmospheric ultrafine particles on production of free fatty acids and lipid metabolites in the mouse small intestine. Environmental Health Perspectives 2015;123(1):34-41. R832413 (Final) (10/04/18)
Journal Article Saffari A, Daher N, Shafer MM, Schauer JJ, Sioutas C. Global perspective on the oxidative potential of airborne particulate matter: a synthesis of research findings. Environmental Science & Technology 2014;48(13):7576-7583. R832413 (Final) (10/04/18)
R833743 (Final) (08/16/17)
Journal Article Shinkai Y, Nakajima S, Eiguren-Fernandez A, Di Stefano E, Schmitz DA, Froines JR, Cho AK, Kumagai Y. Ambient vapor samples activate the Nrf2-ARE pathway in human bronchial epithelial BEAS-2B cells. Environmental Toxicology 2014;29(11):1292-1300. R832413 (Final) (10/04/18)
Report Sioutas C. Development of New Generation Personal Monitors for Fine Particular Matter (PM) and Its Metal Content. NUATRC Research Report No. 2, 2004, 22 pp. R828678C009 (Final) (03/06/19)