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Southern California Particle Center and Supersite

University of California - Los Angeles

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Southern California Particle Center and Supersite (SCPCS)

Center Research Projects:

R827352C001 - The Chemical Toxicology of Particulate Matter

R827352C002 - Pro-inflammatory and the Pro-oxidative Effects of Diesel Exhaust Particulate in Vivo and in Vitro

R827352C003 - Measurement of the “Effective” Surface Area of Ultrafine and Accumulation Mode PM (Pilot Project)

R827352C004 - Effect of Exposure to Freeways with Heavy Diesel Traffic and Gasoline Traffic on Asthma Mouse Model

R827352C005 - Effects of Exposure to Fine and Ultrafine Concentrated Ambient Particles near a Heavily Trafficked Freeway in Geriatric Rats (Pilot Project)

R827352C006 - Relationship Between Ultrafine Particle Size Distribution and Distance From Highways

R827352C007 - Exposure to Vehicular Pollutants and Respiratory Health

R827352C008 - Traffic Density and Human Reproductive Health

R827352C009 - The Role of Quinones, Aldehydes, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, and other Atmospheric Transformation Products on Chronic Health Effects in Children

R827352C010 - Novel Method for Measurement of Acrolein in Aerosols

R827352C011 - Off-Line Sampling of Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Respiratory Health Surveys

R827352C012 - Controlled Human Exposure Studies with Concentrated PM

R827352C013 - Particle Size Distributions of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the LAB

R827352C014 - Physical and Chemical Characteristics of PM in the LAB (Source Receptor Study)

R827352C015 - Exposure Assessment and Airshed Modeling Applications in Support of SCPC and CHS Projects

R827352C016 - Particle Dosimetry

R827352C017 - Conduct Research and Monitoring That Contributes to a Better Understanding of the Measurement, Sources, Size Distribution, Chemical Composition, Physical State, Spatial and Temporal Variability, and Health Effects of Suspended PM in the Los Angeles Basin (LAB)