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Rochester PM Center

University of Rochester

Researchers will investigate the mechanisms by which fine and ultrafine particles from specific sources cause adverse cardiovascular effects, particularly in susceptible groups such as diabetics and those with cardiovascular disease.

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Main Center Abstract and Reports:

Rochester PM Center: Source-Specific Health Effects of Ultrafine/Fine Particles

Center Research Projects:

R827354C001 - Characterization of the Chemical Composition of Atmospheric Ultrafine Particles

R827354C002 - Inflammatory Responses and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Susceptible Populations

R827354C003 - Clinical Studies of Ultrafine Particle Exposure in Susceptible Human Subjects

R827354C004 - Animal Models: Dosimetry, and Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Events

R827354C005 - Ultrafine Particle Cell Interactions: Molecular Mechanisms Leading to Altered Gene Expression

R827354C006 - Development of an Electrodynamic Quadrupole Aerosol Concentrator

R827354C007 - Kinetics of Clearance and Relocation of Insoluble Ultrafine Iridium Particles From the Rat Lung Epithelium to Extrapulmonary Organs and Tissues (Pilot Project)

R827354C008 - Ultrafine Oil Aerosol Generation for Inhalation Studies

R832415C001 - Characterization and Source Apportionment

R832415C002 - Epidemiological Studies on Extra Pulmonary Effects of Fresh and Aged Urban Aerosols from Different Sources

R832415C003 - Human Clinical Studies of Concentrated Ambient Ultrafine and Fine Particles

R832415C004 - Animal models: Cardiovascular Disease, CNS Injury and Ultrafine Particle Biokinetics

R832415C005 - Ultrafine Particle Cell Interactions In Vitro: Molecular Mechanisms Leading To Altered Gene Expression in Relation to Particle Composition