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Center for Hazardous Substances in Urban Environments

The Johns Hopkins University

About 80 percent of the U.S. population lives in metropolitan areas. These urban residents face a number of pressing environmental problems including exposure to toxic chemicals from Superfund sites, landfills, incinerators, leaded paint and gasoline, Brownfields, industrial release, and pesticide use. In this context, EPA Regions 1 and 3 have both identified "Urban Livability" as a strategic priority. Focusing on the upper mid-Atlantic to the Northeast, the mission of this Center is two-fold: (1) to promote a better understanding of physical, chemical, and biological processes for detecting, assessing, and managing risks associated with the use and disposal of hazardous substances in urban environments and (2) to disseminate the results of the research and provide technical expertise to various stakeholders including community groups, municipal officials, EPA, State, and local regulators, and industry.

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Center for Hazardous Substances in Urban Environments (CHSUE)
Center for Hazardous Substances in Urban Environments (CHSUE)

Center Research Projects:

R828771C001 - Co-Contaminant Effects on Risk Assessment and Remediation Activities Involving Urban Sediments and Soils: Phase II

R828771C002 - The Fate and Potential Bioavailability of Airborne Urban Contaminants

R828771C003 - Geochemistry, Biochemistry, and Surface/Groundwater Interactions for As, Cr, Ni, Zn, and Cd with Applications to Contaminated Waterfronts

R828771C004 - Large Eddy Simulation of Dispersion in Urban Areas

R828771C005 - Speciation of chromium in environmental media using capillary electrophoresis with multiple wavlength UV/visible detection

R828771C006 - Zero-Valent Metal Treatment of Halogenated Vapor-Phase Contaminants in SVE Offgas

R828771C007 - The Center for Hazardous Substances in Urban Environments (CHSUE) Outreach Program

R828771C008 - New Jersey Institute of Technology Outreach Program for EPA Region II

R828771C009 - Urban Environmental Issues: Hartford Technology Transfer and Outreach

R828771C010 - University of Maryland Outreach Component

R828771C011 - Environmental Assessment and GIS System Development of Brownfield Sites in Baltimore

R828771C012 - Solubilization of Particulate-Bound Ni(II) and Zn(II)

R828771C013 - Seasonal Controls of Arsenic Transport Across the Groundwater-Surface Water Interface at a Closed Landfill Site

R828771C014 - Research Needs in the EPA Regions Covered by the Center for Hazardous Substances in Urban Environments

R828771C015 - Transport of Hazardous Substances Between Brownfields and the Surrounding Urban Atmosphere