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Northwest Research Center for Particulate Air Pollution and Health

University of Washington

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Research Center for Particulate Air Pollution and Health

Center Research Projects:

R827355C001 - Epidemiologic Study of Particulate Matter and Cardiopulmonary Mortality

R827355C002 - Health Effects

R827355C003 - Personal PM Exposure Assessment

R827355C004 - Characterization of Fine Particulate Matter

R827355C005 - Mechanisms of Toxicity of Particulate Matter Using Transgenic Mouse Strains

R827355C006 - Toxicology Project -- Controlled Exposure Facility

R827355C007 - Health Effects Research Core

R827355C008 - Exposure Core

R827355C009 - Statistics and Data Core

R827355C010 - Biomarker Core

R827355C011 - Oxidation Stress Makers