P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet - Phase 2

In Response to a FY2013 Request for Applications

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Annual/ Final Reports Pubs Count Institution Project Period
1 SU835542
Low Temperature Combustion with Reduced PM and NOx Emissions, Achieved by n-Butanol in-Port Injected in an Omnivorous Diesel Engine Soloiu, Valentin
Branan, Kyle
Harp, Spencer
Muinos, Martin
Peavy, Wallace Luke
Rivero-Castillo, Alejandro
Whyte, Odari  
  Georgia Southern University August 2013 -
August 2015  
2 SU835544
Stacked Rapid Sand Filtration - A Robust Filtration Process for Sustainable Drinking Water Infrastructure Weber-Shirk, Monroe
Lion, Leonard  
  Cornell University August 2013 -
August 2015  
3 SU835545
Lessons from Nature - Synthetic Humic Acid Materials for Improved Water Purification Ford, Maddie
Burkhardt, Cindy A
Godward, Dennis
Sublett, Matt
Webster, Francis
Webster, Rebekah  
  Radford University August 2013 -
August 2015  
4 SU835549
‘Greener’ Surfactants from Bio-Based Waste as Efficient Alternatives to Nonylphenols Ethoxylates Nagarajan, Ramaswamy
Bavishi, Vishal
Chittigori, Joshna
Magaletta, Michael
Mohd Aris, Zarif Farhana  
  University of Massachusetts - Lowell August 2013 -
August 2015  
5 SU835547
3D Printing Sustainable Building Components for Façades and as Window Elements San Fratello, Virginia
Binni, Anyssa
Chan, Liane
Conte, Brian
Cuneo, Desiree
Everling, Marissa
Leroux, Victoria
Lewis, Samantha C.
Nonaka, Kohei
Riordan, Benjamin
Speer, Leslie
Straubing, Cassandra
Tainter, Lynn
Wagner, Molly
Wright, Shannon  
  San Jose State University August 2013 -
August 2015  
6 SU835548
Pyrolytic Cook Stoves And Biochar Production In Kenya: A Whole Systems Approach to Sustainable Energy, Environmental Health, and Human Prosperity Hestrin, Rachel
Davis, Jennifer A.
Edwards, Rufus D.
Fisher, Elizabeth
Guerena, David
Hsu, Tedman
Lehmann, Johannes
Torres, Dorisel
Zwetsloot, Marie  
  Cornell University, University of California - Irvine August 2013 -
August 2015  
7 SU835546
From Pollution to Possibility: A Sustainable and Interdisciplinary Solution to Biodiesel Production Wastewater Crumrine, David
Lishawa, Shane C.
McDowell, Sarah
Vail, Lane
Waickman, Zach  
  Loyola University of Chicago August 2013 -
August 2015  
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