P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet - Phase 2

In Response to a FY2012 Request for Applications

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Annual/ Final Reports Pubs Count Institution Project Period
1 SU835287
Don’t Eat Your Spinach: Nature Inspired Biohybrid Solar Cells Jennings, G. Kane
Anilkumar, Amrutur V.  
  Vanderbilt University August 2012 -
August 2014  
2 SU835290
Portable Solar Water Purification System for Public Use during Disaster Recovery Tang, Yan
Camp, Johnathon
Compere, Marc
Fennesy, Kyle
Fugler, Mark
Pinto, Shavin
Wong, Yung  
  Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University August 2012 -
August 2014  
3 SU835291
Community Based Biodiesel Production from Trap Grease: The Evaluation of Technical and Economic Feasibilities Lu, Mingming
Gregory, Jarod
Schutte, Mark
Tu, Qingshi
Weng, Wendy  
  University of Cincinnati August 2012 -
August 2014  
4 SU835292
Valuable Chemicals from Rice Husk Biomass Sun, Luyi
Chen, Haoran
Cheng, Xianbi
DeBord, Katelyn
Fan, Xiaotian
Huang, Wenxi
Long, Kevin
Martin, Jarett
Oliphant, Adam
Wang, Hong
Wang, Weixing
Ying, Xin  
  Texas State University, South China University of Technology August 2012 -
August 2014  
5 SU835294
Rice Hulls as Alternative Building (RHAB): Productive Use of Agricultural Waste Williams, Michael     Butte College August 2012 -
August 2014  
6 SU835295
Integrating Improved Sustainable Technologies into the Heart of the Home-the Kitchen Bormann, Noel E
Ferro, Patrick D
London, Mara
Nowak, Paul
Stevens, Christopher E.  
  Gonzaga University August 2012 -
August 2014  
7 SU835289
Comparing the Sustainability of a Compressed Earth Block House to a Holliday, Lisa M.
Butko, Daniel J.
Graham, Charles
McManus, Bill
Williams, Scott  
  University of Oklahoma August 2012 -
August 2014  
8 SU835330
An On-Site Biological Graywater Treatment System Suitable for a Small Business Swinson, Bobbie Jo
Carter, Daniela
Dipple, Kathleen
Downey, Erin
Gardner, Benjamin
Gropper, Alexis
Hambourger, Mike
Hauser, Katarina
Houser, James
Johnson, Jennifer
Kenny, Jillian
Martin, Jack
McCachren, Ross
Poston, Elizabeth
Roark, Stephanie
Uzenski, Grace
Williams, Megan
Winkler, Robin  
  Appalachian State University August 2012 -
August 2014  
9 SU835331
Struvite Recovery from Anaerobically Digested Dairy Manure Tao, Wendong     SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry August 2012 -
August 2014  
10 SU835348
Developing Alternatives to Plastic Mulch Santelmann, Mary
Cassidy, James
Chen, Hsiou-Lien
Clark, Caitlin
Cluver, Brigitte
DeGeorge, Dustin
DiFrancesco, Kara
Ponce, Randi
Selko, Tucker  
  Oregon State University August 2012 -
August 2014  
11 SU835349
Sustainable Utilization of Coal Combustion Byproducts through the Production Of High Grade Minerals and Cement-less Green Concrete Mohanty, Manoj K.     Southern Illinois University - Carbondale August 2012 -
August 2014  
12 SU835364
Power in a Box: Shipping Sustainable Energy to Recovering and Off-the-Grid Communities Peters, Catherine A.
Bou-Zeid, Elie  
  Princeton University August 2012 -
August 2014  
13 SU835288
Passive Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cell (PUReFC) for Energy Storage in Off-grid Locations Fabris, Drazen
Krishnan, Shoba
Tabrizi, Abdie  
  Santa Clara University August 2012 -
August 2014  
14 SU835329
Heating Attic Air for Space Heating and Dryer Applications Using Solar Thermal Tam, Kawai
Matsumoto, Mark  
  University of California - Riverside August 2012 -
August 2014  
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