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Community Stressors and Susceptibility to Air Pollution in Urban Asthma
Grant Number R834576
RFA: Understanding the Role of Nonchemical Stressors and Developing Analytic Methods for Cumulative Risk Assessments (2009)
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Journal Article Clougherty JE, Shmool JLC, Kubzansky LD. The role of non-chemical stressors in mediating socioeconomic susceptibility to environmental chemicals. Current Environmental Health Reports 2014;1(4):302-313. R834576 (2013)
R834576 (2014)
R834576 (Final)
Journal Article Payne-Sturges DC, Korfmacher KS, Cory-Slechta DA, Jimenez M, Symanski E, Carr Shmool JL, Dotson-Newman O, Cloughtery JE, French R, Levy JI, Laumbach R, Rodgers K, Bongiovanni R, Scammell MK. Engaging communities in research on cumulative risk and social stress-environment interactions: lessons learned from EPA's STAR Program. Environmental Justice 2015;8(6):203-212. R834576 (Final)
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Journal Article Reid C, Clougherty J, Schmool J, Kubzansky L. Is All Urban Green Space the Same? A Comparison of the Health Benefits of Trees and Grass in New York City. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 2017;14(11):1411. R834576 (Final)
Journal Article Shmool JLC, Kubzansky LD, Newman OD, Spengler J, Shepard P, Clougherty JE. Social stressors and air pollution across New York City communities: a spatial approach for assessing correlations among multiple exposures. Environmental Health 2014;13:91. R834576 (2012)
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R834576 (Final)
Journal Article Shmool JL, Yonas MA, Newman OD, Kubzansky LD, Joseph E, Parks A, Callaway C, Chubb LG, Shepard P, Clougherty JE. Identifying perceived neighborhood stressors across diverse communities in New York City. American Journal of Community Psychology 2015;56(1-2):144-155. R834576 (2012)
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Journal Article Shmool JLC, Bobb JF, Ito K, Elston B, Savitz DA, Ross Z, Matte TD, Johnson S, Dominici F, Clougherty JE. Area-level socioeconomic deprivation, nitrogen dioxide exposure, and term birth weight in New York City. Environmental Research 2015;142:624-632. R834576 (Final)
Journal Article Shmool JLC, Kinnee E, Sheffield PE, Clougherty JE. Spatio-temporal ozone variation in a case-crossover analysis of childhood asthma hospital visits in New York City. Environmental Research 2016;147:108-114. R834576 (Final)