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Online Training in Watershed Management

A note to all trainers, especially:

  1. Adult education specialists and extension agents
  2. Undergraduate professors
  3. High school advanced science instructors

The Watershed Academy invites all interested trainers to freely use Watershed Academy Web materials in your teaching. With few exceptions (e.g., copyrighted graphics can only be reproduced with permission), our modules are in the public domain and may be downloaded, reproduced, and modified for your own use. This information is presented in a style that is not heavily academic in order to reach the broadest audience possible. Nevertheless, these peer-reviewed lessons are based in sound watershed science and practice and can be supplemented with more technical readings if a more academic treatment of the subject is desired.

The set of Watershed Academy Web modules contains enough basic presentation and reading material for a two-semester long course introducing the basics of watershed management. It can also be used for shorter courses (especially the 15 core modules). Please feel free to follow the sequence of Watershed Academy Web themes and modules as the curriculum for a course you offer, either in its entirety or in combination with materials of your own. Internet availability allows your students access to the modules as homework assignments for a normal lecture course. Or you might prefer to use Watershed Academy Web as an entirely Internet-based distance learning course for a group of students who may never meet in one place. Whatever your teaching plans, please contact the Watershed Academy and let us know how you are using Watershed Academy Web materials. Suggestions for future improvements based on your experience are always welcome.

Watershed Academy Web Brochure

You may download a brochure called Watershed Academy Web: Training in Watershed Management Fundamentals (2 pp, 1.06MB, About PDF) which describes the Web-based training courses of Watershed Academy to help explain the Web modules to your students.

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