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Identification, isolation and characterization of the infectious hepatitis (hepatitis A) agent / 1977
Impact of Coal Cleaning as a Sulfur-Reduction Strategy in the Midwest. 1983
Impact of fuels on diesel exhaust emissions. A chemical and biological characterization. 1991
Implications of Recent Experimental Results for Modeling Reactions in Turbulent Flows. 1986
Importance of Experimenter-Blind Procedure in Neurotoxicology (Mini-Review). 1993
In Vivo Kinetic Behavior of 85Kr in the Whole Guinea Pig. 1972
In-vitro screening methods evaluating the neurotoxic potential of pesticides / 1976
Inclusion of Tagged Amino Acids Lysine 14C and Glycine 14C in Soluble and Insoluble Lung Proteins during Experimental Berylliosis. 1969
Increased Pulmonary Disease Mediated through Altered Bacterial Defenses. 1977
Induced secondary combustion in woodstoves / 1989
Induction of Adenofibrosis and Hepatomas of the Liver in BALB/cJ Mice by Polychlorinated Biphenyls (Aroclor 1254). 1974
Induction of Hepatic Tumors in Mice by Benzidine. 1974
Industrial water softener waste brine reclamation / 1974
Influence of ambient temperature of tailpipe emissions from 1984-1987 model year light-duty gasoline motor vehicles {microform} 1989
Influence of Cadmium, Nickel, and Chromium on Primary Immunity in Mice. 1977
Influence of growth regulators on pesticide uptake / 1978
Inhalation toxicology of airborne particulate manganese in Rhesus monkeys / 1977
Interaction between methyl mercury and radiation effects on nervous systems / 1977
Interaction of Chemical Pollutants and Virus in a Crustacean: A Novel Bioassay System. 1977
Interaction of Chloroquin, Dilantin, and Phenylbutazone on DDT Storage in the Rat. 1977
Interactions of various air pollutants on causation of pulmonary disease / 1972
Interactions of various pollutants on causation of pulmonary disease / 1978
Interactions of various pollutants on causation of pulmonary disease / 1978
Interagency QA Workshop Conference Review. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 14, 1992. 1993
Intestinal Cu Absorption in Vitro After Fe or Zn Depletion (Intestinale Cu-Absorption in vitro nach Feoder Zn-Depletion). 1973
Introduction to a Discussion of the Use of Aquatic Toxicity Tests for Evaluation of the Effects of Toxic Substances. 1978
Investigation of ozone and ozone precursor concentrations at nonurban locations in the eastern United States / 1974
Investigation of selected potential environmental contaminants, Acrylonitrile : final report / 1978
Investigation of the Effects of DDT and Other Chlorinated Hydrocarbon on the Growth of Euryhaline Microalgae. 1972
Investigation of Tritiated Luminous Compounds. 1970
Isolation and Determination of Diphenyl Chloride from Animal Tissue and Its Distribution in White Rats (Enka Jifueniru no Dobutsu Soshiki Kara no Chushutsu Teiryoho Narabi ni Shiroezumi ni Okeru Tainai Bunpu). 1970
Isolation and Identification of Polychlorinated Styrenes in Great Lakes Fish. 1976
Isophorone : ambient water quality criteria. 1978
Isozyme Profiles of Lactic Dehydrogenase and Creatine Phosphokinase in Neonatal Mouse Hearts. 1978
Kepone (Trademark) Bioconcentration, Accumulation, Loss, and Transfer through Estuarine Food Chains. 1977
Kepone-Induced Scoliosis and Its Histological Consequences in Fish. 1977
Kinetic Model of Fluoride Metabolism in the Rabbit. 1976
Laboratory Rearing Experiments on Artificially Propagated Inconnu (Stenodus leucichthys). 1973
Lack of Correspondence at High Acute Doses of DDT between the Levels Found in Blood and Brain. 1969
Lack of Effects of Carbon Monoxide on Human Vigilance. 1977
Light and Electron Microscopy of Dogs' Lungs After Long-Term Exposure to Ozone. 1972
Light Microscopy and Ultrastructure of Liver of Rats Fed Polychlorinated Biphenyls. 1972
Liver Metabolism of Anticholinesterase Compounds in Live Rats: Relation to Toxicity. 1966
Loading Point Puncturability Analysis of Geosynthetic Liner Materials. 1988
Long-term forest fertilization experiments in Finland and Sweden - their use for vitality and nutrient balance studies. 1992
Long-Term Toxic Effects of DDT Food and Water Exposure on Fathead Minnows 'Pimephales promelas'. 1977
Losses of fertilizers and pesticides from claypan soils / 1974
Loves Creek Anaerobic, Upflow (ANFLOW) Pilot Plant: Performance Summary. 1985
Management of coal preparation fine wastes without disposal ponds / 1979
Marine Molysmology: The Primary Production of Experimental Ecosystems Set Up in the Rance River Estuary. Effect of Crude Oil (Molysmologie Marine. De la Production Primaire d'Ecosystemes Experimentaux Etablis dans l'Estuaire de la Rance. Effect d'un Petrole Brut). 1974
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