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Design and Preliminary Results from Soil/Litter Microcosms. 1976
Determination of alpha-emitting nuclides of plutonium, americium and curium in environmental materials: Pt. 1. Sea water. 1990
Determination of C2 to C12 ambient air hydrocarbons in 39 U.S. cities from 1984 through 1986 1989
Determination of Pentachlorophenol and Hexachlorophene in Human Adipose Tissue. 1973
Determining the Concentration of Oil in Water Samples by Infrared Spectrophotometry. Phase II. Interlaboratory Study. Volume II. 1975
Determining the Concentration of Oil in Water Samples by Infrared Spectrophotometry. Phase II. Interlaboratory Study. Volume III. 1975
Determining the Concentration of Oil in Water Samples by Infrared Spectrophotometry: Phase II. Interlaboratory Study: Volume I. 1975
Developing a Health Standard from Epidemiological and Clinical Data. 1976
Development of Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Analytical Methodology for Evaluation of Exposures to TNT and Associated Explosives. 1975
Development of isolated mammalian embryo techniques for toxic substance screening / 1979
Dichlorobenzidine : ambient water quality criteria. 1978
Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene Content of Prepared Meals. 1954
Dichloropropanes/dichloropropenes : ambient water quality criteria / 1978
Differential Foliar Sensitivity of Soybean Cultivars to Ozone Associated with Differential Enzyme Activities. 1975
Dinitroorthocresol Exposure from Apple-Thinning Sprays. 1955
Dinitrotoluene : ambient water quality criteria. 1979
Diphenylhydrazine : ambient water quality criteria. 1978
Direct Measurement Technique for Determining Ventilation Rate in the Deposit Feeding Clam 'Macoma nasuta' (Bivalvia, Tellinaceae). 1989
Distribution of 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid in the Mouse Fetus. 1977
Distribution of Mirex in an Experimental Estuarine Ecosystem. 1979
Dose-Response Functions for Effects of Acidic Precipitation on Vegetation. 1983
Drinking water and health : summary report. 1977
Drinking Water and Health. Part II, Chapters 6 and 7. A Report of the Safe Drinking Water Committee. 1977
Dynamic behavior of vinyl chloride in aquatic ecosystems / 1976
Ecological and Physiological/Toxicological Effects of Petroleum on Aquatic Birds. A Summary of Research Activities FY76 through FY78. 1979
Economic Evaluation of Limestone and Lime Flue-Gas-Desulfurization Processes. 1983
Effect of Barite (BaSO4) on Development of Estuarine Communities. 1977
Effect of Bisolvon on the Surface-Active Substance of the Rat Lung. 1969
Effect of DDT on Antibody Response to Typhoid Vaccine in Rabbits and Man. 1972
Effect of Diphenylhydantoin on Storage of DDT in the Rat. 1970
Effect of Exposure Time and Copper Concentration on Reproduction of the Fathead Minnow ('Pimephales promeles'). 1977
Effect of exposure to PAN and ozone on susceptibility to chronic bacterial infection / 1979
Effect of insecticides on benzo(a)pyrene carcinogenesis / 1978
Effect of lead on gamma amino butyric acid synthesis / 1978
Effect of Long-Term Administration of Vanadyl Sulfate on the Level of Certain Trace Elements in the Blood and Urine of Rabbits. 1971
Effect of Methylmercuric Chloride, Cadmium Chloride, and Lead Nitrate on Six Biochemical Factors of the Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). 1977
Effect of Nickel as a Trace Element on the Activity of Cytochrome Oxidase and Succinate Dehydrogenase in Various Organs (Vliyanie Nikelya kak Mikroelementa na Aktivnost Tsitokhromoksidazy i Suktsindegidrogenazy v Razlichnykh Organakh). 1969
Effect of Organic Phosphorus Compounds and Alkylating Agents on the Rat Fetus. 1968
Effect of Ozone on Human Cellular and Humoral Immunity: Characterization of T and B Lymphocytes by Rosette Formation. 1978
Effect of Ozone on Leukocyte Function in Exposed Human Subjects. 1977
Effect of pesticide interactions upon the reproductive system / 1978
Effect of Polychlorinated Biphenyls on Rat Reproduction. 1973
Effect of Prehatch and Posthatch Exposure to Cadmium on Salinity Tolerance of Larval Grass Shrimp, 'Palaemonetes pugio'. 1978
Effect of the Removal of the Adrenal Glands on the Copper, Zinc, and Iron Content in the Animal Brain (Vliyanie Udaleniya Nadpochechnykh Zhelez na Soderzhanie Medi, Tsinka i Zheleza v Golovnom Mozgu Zhivotnykh). 1966
Effect of Thermal Shock on Predator Avoidance by Larvae of Two Fish Species. 1978
Effect of Thermal Stress and Total Residual Chlorination on Early Life Stages of the Mummichog 'Fundulus heteroclitus'. 1977
Effect of Urban Ozone Levels on Laboratory-Induced Respiratory Infections. 1978
Effect of Various Intake Designs on Zooplankton Entrainment. 1983
Effectiveness of Organophosphorus Complexons in Intratracheal Poisoning with Beryllium Chloride (Effektivnost Fosforoganicheskikh Kompleksonov pri Intratrakhealnom Otravlenii Khloristym Berilliem). 1974
Effects of a Lignosulfonate-Type Drilling Mud on Development of Experimental Estuarine Macrobenthic Communities. 1978
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