P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet

Request for Applications closing date: March 25, 2004

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Annual/ Final Reports Pubs Count Institution Project Period
1 SU831876
From Brownfields to Green Streets - A Proposal to Develop a Multi-Agency Collaborative Decision-Making Process for Solving Small Scale Brownfield Urban Redevelopment Issues Lutzenhiser, Loren
Barewin, Lesley
Fish, William
Henry, Clark
Kibler, Kristen
Messer, Barry
Meyer, Vanessa
Morehead, Grant  

  Portland State University October 2004 -
May 2005  
2 SU831883
Sustainable Energy Systems Design for a Tribal Village in India Ramaswami, Anu
Bliley, Stephen
Coder, Jason
Dellaport, John
Erdene, Bagi
Grabbe, Robert
Hetherington, Christine
Kocman, Shauna
Krug, Ryan
Mancilla, Fernando
McGregor, Brian
Olsen, Tim
Padron, Luis
Pitterle, Mark
Rex, Andrew
Sturtyvant, Paul
Thongplew, Natapol
Werther, Rachel
Whitaker, Mike
Willson, Bryan
Wright, Sean  

  University of Colorado at Denver October 2004 -
March 2005  
3 SU831814
From Field to Fuel Tank: Exploring the Implementation of Biodiesel as a Sustainable Alternative to Petroleum Diesel in Oregon's Willamette Valley Hackleman, David   Final

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Oregon State University October 2004 -
May 2005  
4 SU831833
Titanium Dioxide and Ultra-violet Light: A Sustainable and Inexpensive Solution for Addressing Drinking Water Quality Issues in the Developing Countries Desu, S.
Long, S.
Reckhow, David A.  

  University of Massachusetts - Amherst October 2004 -
May 2005  
5 SU831831
Comparative Analysis of Three Sustainable Point of Use Drinking Water Treatment Technologies for Developing Nations Sobsey, Mark D.
Brown, Joe
Casanova, Lisa
Elliott, Mark
Stauber, Christine
Whittington, Dale  

  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill October 2004 -
April 2005  
6 SU831879
Beyond Green Buildings: An Integrated Holistic Design Approach Ramaswami, Anu
Andreas, Fred
Clark, Tom
Cronin, Greg
Deru, Michael
Herdt, Julee
Hillman, Tim
Mann, Maggie
Pitterle, Mark
Rens, Kevin
Rouise, Steven
Zhai, John  

  University of Colorado at Denver, University of Colorado at Boulder October 2004 -
May 2005  
7 SU831877
Zero Net Energy Homes Project Garrison, Michael
Alford, Elizabeth
Davis, Leah
Tucker, Ann  

  The University of Texas at Austin September 2004 -
May 2005  
8 SU831880
Using An "Impervious Permit" Allowance System To Reduce Impervious Surface Coverage for Environmental Sustainability Welty, Claire
Fraley, Lisa
Hanlon, Bernadette
Hanson, Royce
Kolb, Nathan
McGuire, Michael P.
Sharkey, Steve
Vicino, Thomas J.  

Total Pubs: 2
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
University of Maryland - Baltimore County September 2004 -
May 2005  
9 SU831890
The Wind Energy Research Program (WERP): Design and Construction of a Wind Turbine to Facilitate Education and Research in Sustainable Technologies Pardyjak, Eric
Banks, Joshua
Binger, Chris
Gamer, Steven
Gleason, Stuart
Homel, Mike
Jones, Ben
Klewicki, Joe
Meek, Sanford
Nelson, Jared
Petrogeorge, Manouso David
Pratt, Casey
Scott, Kevin
Stout, Jeremy
Whitaker, Sam
Whitney, Nick  

  University of Utah September 2004 -
May 2005  
10 SU831857
The Evergreen Roof Project: Standards, Methods and Software for Evaluating Living Roof Systems Perkins, John
Abercrombie, Steven
Bowcutt, Fredericka
Josephy, Alvin
Knapp, Rob
Nelson, Matthew
Newton, Benjamin
Osborne, Elizabeth
Runnells, Joanna
Stroh, Jim
Winchell, Tyler  

  Evergreen State College September 2004 -
May 2005  
11 SU831898
Design of an Anaerobic Digester and Fuel Cell System for Energy Generation from Dairy Waste Christy, Ann
Bettin, Clayton C.
Eichel, Cathy
Frew, Bethany A.
Gehres, Peter D.
Graf, Julie A.
Henry, Janell C.
Henslee, Brian E.
Marron, Corin
Martin, Jay F.
Moon, Jared
Nazareth, Melissa
Sanford, Cole S.
Tuovinen, Olli H.
Weber, Aaron V.
Yazdi, Hamid Rismani  

Total Pubs: 1
Journals: 1
-- No Books --
The Ohio State University September 2004 -
May 2005  
12 SU831858
Comprehensive Plan for a Sustainable Urban Watershed Baba, Ronald K.
Bishop, Elizabeth A.
Damkoehler, David L.
Heise, Erin A.
Hodek, Kristen A.
Kohlmann, Suzanne M.
Schanz, Christopher R.
TenHaken, Kathryn M.
Volk, Melissa M.  

  University of Wisconsin - Green Bay September 2004 -
May 2005  
13 SU831832
The Design of a Cost-Effective Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalyst for the Removal of Arsenic in Drinking Water Warner, John C.
Cannon, Amy
Duggan, John
Johnson, Abby
McGonigle, Michael
Mendum, Ted
Pyres, John  

Total Pubs: 6
Journals: 1
-- No Books --
University of Massachusetts - Lowell, Wentworth Institute of Technology September 2004 -
May 2005  
14 SU831829
Ground Water Remediation Powered with Renewable Energy Elmore, Curt
Cable, John W.
Crow, Mariesa
Dilly, Rachel
Gallagher, Ron
Seabaugh, Ryan  

  University of Missouri - Rolla September 2004 -
May 2005  
15 SU831821
Encouraging Toxic Use Reduction in Academic Laboratories Steinfeld, Jeffrey I.
Bussey, Kendra
Keith, Jamie Lewis
Silbey, Susan S.
Tio, Jacqueline  

Total Pubs: 3
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Massachusetts Institute of Technology September 2004 -
May 2005  
16 SU831813
Improving Resource Recovery of Organic Waste to Alleviate Environmental and Economic Problems in a Depressed Urban Environment Reith, Charles   Final

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Tulane University of Louisiana September 2004 -
May 2005  
17 SU831892
Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production Prototype Roper, D. Keith
Ambrosek, James
Archer, David
Baeder, Jill
Bullis, Connie
Charles, Spencer
Chatwin, William
Chavez, Gabe
Church, Al
Corbett, Julia
Court, Jessica
Dehaven, Pat
Dishong, Emily
Drechsel, Jameson
Engar, Alex
Excell, Ken
Forster, Craig
Garrott, Luke
Grimm, Brandon
Hacker, Jamie
Henriksen, Tara
Holbrook, Stan
Kedrowicz, April
Knowles, Richard
Korte, Matt
Lane, Bethany
Martin, Karli
Montague, Fred
Moreno, Josh
Palauni, Ezekeial
Peterson, Katherine
Redd, Amy
Rexhepa, Megi
Schmidt, Daniel
Sherman, Todd
Stowers, Kara
Stubbs, Dan
Sudweeks, Trina
Sullivan, Katie
Trujillo, Edward
Tuckett, Marge
Villacorta, Kelly
Welch, Marshall
Wiser, Jeanette
Wolfsen, Amy
Wood, Jared  

Total Pubs: 10
Journals: 2
-- No Books --
University of Utah September 2004 -
May 2005  
18 SU831811
Scrap Tire Recycling: Convincing Businesses to Integrate Inexpensive, Cutting-edge Technology to Convert Tires Into Various Construction Materials Teymour, Fouad
Arastoopour, Hamid  

  Illinois Institute of Technology September 2004 -
May 2005  
19 SU831887
Novel Ru-Ni-S Electrode Catalyst for PEMFC Deng, S.
Andersen, P.
Mulholland, G.  

  New Mexico State University - Main Campus September 2004 -
May 2005  
20 SU831830
Engineered Stormwater Management for Low-Income Urban Communities Obropta, Christopher
Avery, Mike
Berry, David
Bhandari, Karan
Donnelly, John
O'Neill, Karen
Rusciano, Gregory
Villere, Medea
Woland, Jake
Yates, Kristine  

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey September 2004 -
May 2005  
21 SU831885
Reduction of Use of Petroleum Energy Resources by Conversion of Waste Cooking Oils into Diesel Fuel Perez, J. M.
Lloyd, W. A.
Nedwick, R.  

Total Pubs: 3
Journals: 1
-- No Books --
Pennsylvania State University September 2004 -
May 2005  
22 SU831810
Waste to Value: Incorporating Industrial Symbiosis for Sustainable Infrastructure Ramaswami, Anu
Clark, Tom
Rens, Kevin
Wright, Sean  

  University of Colorado at Denver September 2004 -
May 2005  
23 SU831817
Phosphorus Recovery from Sewage Oerther, Daniel B.
Atikovic, Emma
Bishop, Paul
Carlarne, Cinnamon P
Clark, Catherine A.
Gonzalez-Fernandez, Maria C.
Hosny, Ahmed Fouad
Humringhouse, Ben
Kinkle, Brian
Kleirer, Karen
Lamendella, Regina
Lieberth, Brett
Maurer, Eric
Mouch, Daniel
Noonan, Doug
Pumphrey, Sarah
Riks, Angela
Saikaly, Pascal
Sorial, George
Yates, Brian
deFranchi, Giovanni Battista  

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
University of Cincinnati September 2004 -
May 2005  
24 SU831818
P3 Design Project for an Interdisciplinary Team of Graduate Students: Development of Appropriate, Sustainable Construction Materials Mihelcic, James R.
Abdi, Solomon
Betz, Kristen
Dam, Thomas Van
Eatmon, Thomas
Harris, Ronald A.
Muga, Helen
Pranger, Curtis
Seifert, Christopher
Vidor, Andrew
Walker, James
Womack-Richardson, Edith  

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Michigan Technological University, Southern University and A & M College September 2004 -
May 2005  
25 SU831824
Biotemplating of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for the Green Production of Photochemically Active Catalysts: Synthesis, Characterization, and Photocatalytic Evaluation Dionysiou, Dionysios D.
Brectz, Dan
Long, Jennifer
Myre, Beth
Yates, Brian  

Total Pubs: 2
-- No Journals --
Books: 1
University of Cincinnati, Miami University - Oxford September 2004 -
May 2005  
26 SU831826
Civic Stormwater Gardens: An Ecological Solution for Cities with CSOs Curran, Patrick
Kirkwood, Niall
France, Robert
Lincoln, Rebecca  

  Harvard University September 2004 -
May 2005  
27 SU831852
Development and Modeling of Reactive Building Systems: Climate and Illumination Baur, Stuart W.
Arnn, Allison
Stone, Robert  

  University of Missouri - Rolla September 2004 -
May 2005  
28 SU831865
A Tool for Sustainability: Measuring Outcomes with Indicators of Ecosystem Health Sisk, Thomas D.
Aguilar-González, Bernardo
Bayha, Jeff
Loeser, Matthew R.
Muñoz-Erickson, Tischa A.
Richey, Amy  

  Northern Arizona University, Prescott College September 2004 -
May 2005  
29 SU831866
Tar Creek Superfund Site Remediation: Combined Roles for Biomass, Poultry Litter, Fly Ash and Flu Gas Desulfurization Residues Potter, William
Grayson, Britney
Hitt, Kristi
Iski, Erin
Moskal, Mark
Roberts, Ken
Settle, Chad
Tapp, Bryan
Williamson, Kenny  

  University of Tulsa September 2004 -
May 2005  
30 SU831867
Multi-faceted Sustainability on Ithaca College Natural Lands Confer, John L.
Block, Kyle
Clark-Joseph, Beth
Coleman, David
Cramer, Jen
Eusden, Tyler
Frary, Vince
Friedlund, Paula
Hamilton, Jason
Hylen, Stephanie
Jennings, Carol
Krasnow, Allison
Mauk, Ryan
Melcher, Peter
Parisi, Anthony
Peim, Andrew
Perez-Chameco, Andre
Plath, Kristina
Porter, Rob
Raileanu, Ciprian
Silvia, Elizabeth
Swensen, Susan
Wallack, Jacob
Ward, Titania
Webb, Gordon
Wheatley, Christopher  

  Ithaca College September 2004 -
May 2005
(Extended to October 2005)  
31 SU831868
AWARE: Facilitating Informed Consumer Purchasing Decisions through Point-of-Sale Access to Product Sustainability Information Hayes, Kim F.
Skerlos, Steven J.
Andersen, Jan-Henrik
Ashari, Azwan
Austin, Tenisha
Auwers, Kristine
Bazinet, Julie
Boukouns, Konstantinos
Carter, Bryce
Clarens, Andres F.
Dubal, Gitesh
Ezell, Greg
Feinberg, Fred
Jansen, Clark
King, Wendy
Kopin, Amy
Kulkarni, Michael
Lamiman, Brad
Michalek, Jeremy J.
Mjchalek, Jeremy
Morrow, Ross
Morrow, William Ross
Norman, James H
Pariseau, John
Shankar, Suman
Vittorini, Antonio
Wu, Jeff  

  University of Michigan September 2004 -
May 2005  
32 SU831874
Lowertown: A Collaborative Effort in Sustainable Urban Redevelopment Larsen, Larissa   Final

  University of Michigan September 2004 -
May 2005  
33 SU831875
Developing and Assessing the Impact of a Socio-Technological Resource-Use Feedback System for Improving the Environmental Performance of Buildings and Institutions Petersen, John E.
Arnaudov, Vesselin
Murray, Michael
Platt, Gavin
Shunturov, Vladislav  

Total Pubs: 6
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Oberlin College, Brown University September 2004 -
May 2005  
34 SU831894
Photocrosslinked Immobilization of Polyelectrolytes for Template Assisted Enzymatic Polymerization of Conjugated Polymers Warner, John C.
Hangun-Balkir, Yelda
Kiarie, Cecilia
Kumar, Jayant
Pal, Reshma
Trakhtenberg, Sofia  

Total Pubs: 10
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
University of Massachusetts - Lowell, University of Massachusetts - Boston September 2004 -
May 2005  
35 SU831896
Pollution Reduction and Resources Saving Through the Use of Waste Derived Gas for Fueling a High Temperature Fuel Cell Sammes, Nigel M.
Bove, Roberto
Bu, Kyunga
Holden, William
Pusz, Jakub  

  University of Connecticut September 2004 -
May 2005  
36 SU831899
Capstone Senior Design - Supramolecular Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells Fuchs, Alan
Gecol, Hatice
Whiting, Wallace  

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
University of Nevada - Reno September 2004 -
May 2005  
37 SU831825
UV-Tube Design Concept for Sustainable, Point-of-Use Water Disinfection Nelson, Kara
Cohn, Alicia
Connelly, Lloyd G.
Kammen, Dan
Larsen, William  

  University of California - Berkeley, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of California - Davis September 2004 -
September 2005  
38 SU831853
Smart Growth: Infill Development Along a Multilane Transit Corridor Deakin, Elizabeth   Final

Total Pubs: 5
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
University of California - Berkeley September 2004 -
May 2005  
39 SU831873
Fostering Sustainability: Designing a Green Science Building at a Small Maine College Otto, William
Abelson, Elisa
Baker, Emma
Beasley, Rebecca
Carter, Sarah
Choiniere, Ashley
Gaudette, Shannon
Hostert, Ellen
Leach, Chris
Sprangers, Sherrie
Sullivan, Elizabeth  

  University of Maine - Machias September 2004 -
May 2005  
40 SU831878
Smart Windows for Smart Buildings Hight, Tim
Aschheim, Mark
DeTorres, Aldwin
Fernandes, Crystal
Gonzalez, Jorge
Kitts, Chris
Koong, Richard
McCabe, John
Millward, Steven
Pargett, Michael
Pennington, Kelly  

  Santa Clara University September 2004 -
May 2005  
41 SU831882
Adoption of Alternative Energy Sources in Chico, CA: Facilitating an Action Plan Stemen, Mark
Aldrich, Ryan
Fricke, Emily
Galiger, Erin
Gillick, Devan
Goggin, Gilliam
Huffman, Joseph
Kilby, Richard
Maas, Michelle
Martinez, Gabriel
Schwalm, Rebecca
Skillman, Brian
Stach, Kevin
Teague, Stephanie
Vigallon, Amy
Wermuth, Laurie  

  California State University - Chico September 2004 -
September 2005  
42 SU831893
Demonstrating the Feasibility of a Biofuel: Production and Use of Biodiesel from Waste Oil Feedstock and Bio-based Methanol at Middlebury College Seidl, Amy L.
Acher, Charles
Bourdon, Leland
Hand, Thomas
Isham, Jonathan T.
Jansen, Nick
Mayer, Tamar
Reavey, Brian  

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Middlebury College September 2004 -
May 2005  
43 SU831897
Community-Scale Biodiesel: An Affordable, Renewable Resource Janda, Kathryn
Andreas, Loren
Call, Isabel
Cragel, John
Gunn, Cohn
Holland, Julia
Matlin, Albert
Merrett, Stephen
Yamashita, Lina  

Total Pubs: 2
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Oberlin College September 2004 -
May 2005  
44 SU831815
P3 Design of a National Electronics Product Reuse and Recycling System Caudill, Reggie J.
Albayeros, Fernando
Bernal, Marelis
Blackboume, Yvette
Cohen, Maurie
Davis, William
Hernandez, Jennifer
Ortiz, Javier
Tricamo, Stephen  

  New Jersey Institute of Technology September 2004 -
September 2005  
45 SU831889
Design and Development of a Low Cost, Multifunction, Regionally Appropriate Solar Oven for Developing Countries in Latin America Carrano, Andres
Allam, Otman El
Bates, Josh
Fulton, Emma
Plaz, Carlos
Privorotskaya, Natasha
Steiner, Jonathan
Thorn, Brian
Wood, Christopher  

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Rochester Institute of Technology September 2004 -
May 2005  
46 SU831822
Eco-Wall Systems: Using Recycled Material in the Design of Commercial Interior Wall Systems for Buildings Johnston, Scott
Adam, Brian
Almquist, Catherine B
Barry, Kevin
Boothe, Patrick
Burke, Marshall
Cahill, Mike
Cerny, Mark
Dubeck, Mike
Dzubiak, Mike
Ettouney, Osama
Frederick, Michael
Gitlin, Marc
Granurn, Natalie
Harold, Ben
Kisha, Shannon
Marko, Andy
Miklos, Adam
Nye, Taryn
Paskvan, Mark
Peterson, Chris
Platt, Glenn
Robinson, Sara
Savin, Audrey
Schinke, Bob
Smith, Dana
Storer, Heather
Veneklase, Charles
Weigand, John  

  Miami University - Oxford September 2004 -
September 2005  
47 SU831827
A Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Urban Water Management Crittenden, John C.
Carlson, Joby
Chen, Yongsheng
Corley, Elizabeth
Fox, Peter
Grimm, Nancy
Guhathakurta, Subhrajit
Johnson, Genevieve
Larson, Elisabeth
Li, Hebi
Li, Ke
Lyons, Erin
McCartney, Peter
Pokorski, Jennifer
Westerhoff, Paul  

  Arizona State University - Main Campus September 2004 -
September 2005  
48 SU831855
Sustainable Modular Panelized System: Reinventing the Building Industry Hauptrnan, Jonas
Knapp, Chris
Battin, Matthew
Beeson, John
Bole, Richard
Buelow, Peter Von
D'Agostino, Jeanna
Devore, Lee
Dingwall, Austin
Feinberg, Fred
Finn, Parker
Giles, Harry
Grobe, Benjamin
Johnson, Megan
Kamat, Vineet
Keoleian, Greg
Kumon, Jim
Mansuy, Eric
Navvab, Moji
Rand, Stephen
Reister, Ann
Risk, Timothy
Schertzing, Kyle
Signor, Steve
Sinha, Arnit
St.Amant, Bill
Vogt, Robert  

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
University of Michigan September 2004 -
September 2005  
49 SU831828
University of Arizona Cross-border Water Technology Collaboration Washburne, James
Boyle, Erin M
Brosnihan, Deirdre W
Fuhrig, Leland
Marburger, Candice
Schonauer, Kurt
Wahi, Arun
Zimmerland, Benjamin  

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
University of Arizona September 2004 -
September 2005  
50 SU831856
Sustainable Housing at Pine Ridge Reservation Dunbar, Brian
Elsner, Jeff
Esposito, Derek
Floreani, Chante
Harrison, Kathryn
Hellmund, Paul
Kirkpatrick, Alex
Nobe, Mary
Pickering, Kathy
Plaut, Josie
Riley, David
Rossnagel, Alyssa
Russell, Nate
Smith, Maura
Winfrey, Phillip
Wood, Dane  

  Colorado State University, Pennsylvania State University September 2004 -
September 2005  
51 SU831862
Low-cost Pheromone Traps and Insect-Resistant Varieties of Tomatillos: Sustainable Tools to Achieve Reduction in Pesticide Use and Diminish Damage by the Fruit-Feeding Caterpillar, Heliothis subflexa Guenee (Noctuidae) in the State of Jalisco, Mexico Gould, Fred
Bateman, Melanie
Benda, Nicole
Groot, Astrid
Lopez, Guillermo Gonzalez
Schiers, Jan
Schulze, Birgit  

  North Carolina State University September 2004 -
September 2005  
52 SU831863
Farm to College: Reducing Food Miles through Direct Purchasing Karp, Caroline
Ayars, Ken
Brown, Katherine
Doerner, Judy
Dunleavy, Virginia
Fratantuono, Peter
Hazeltine, Barrett
Hill, Allen
Jacoby, Karl
Kushner, Diana
Page, Talbot
Paul, Skip
Schmitt, Annie
Segal, Jane
Ward, Harold  

  Brown University September 2004 -
September 2005  
53 SU831891
Renewable Energy for the RiverSphere McLachlan, John
Culley, Briarme
Davey, Elizabeth
Etheridge, Daniel
Manasse, Colin
Meffert, Doug
Pace, Cassandra
Pandian, Shunmugham R.  

  Tulane University of Louisiana September 2004 -
September 2005  
54 SU831816
Developing an Integrated Biomass Processing Plan for Wayne and Stark Counties, Ohio Hall, Dennis
Beeson, Ryan
Burkhart, Veronica
Cleversy, Sara
Curtis, Heather
Jeanty, Wilner
Keller, Calvin
Lahmers, Michele
McVey, Matthew
Panik, Dean
Recker, Phil
Sharp, Jessica
Sikdar, Kieran
Stokes, Ryan
Tran, Lisa
Wells, John  

  The Ohio State University September 2004 -
September 2005  
55 SU831881
City in a Box: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Living Scott, Norman R.
Albright, Louis D.
Cheung, Edwin
Compton, Jeannette
Duan, Liping
Goldman, Jordan
Hatch, Joshua
Hill, Jamison
Kadlec, Jessica
Labatut, Rodrigo
Lambert, William
Lark, Michael
Lewis, Gabriel
Murray, Ian
Nichols, Kevin
Peritz, Lauren
Ramo, Jarred
Raybould, Julia
Richards, Lauren
Smithmeyer, James
Streeter, Nick
Vadas, Timothy M.
Vigil, Michelle
Wright, Michelle
Wrolstad, Melissa
Wyffels, Emily
Young, Robert  

  Cornell University September 2004 -
June 2005  
56 SU831823
Systems Approach to Recovery and Reuse of Organic Material Flows in Santa Barbara County to Extract Maximum Value and Eliminate Waste Hansen, Gary
Allen, David T.
Fujikawa, Jesse
Massoud, Michael
Naughton, Brian
Ryan, Lee
Samsom, Karel
Seto, Betty
Snavely, Mary Jo
Szebert, Alicia
Thompson, Ryan
Walsh, Albert
Wilkinson, Robert  

  University of California - Santa Barbara September 2004 -
May 2005  
57 SU831820
Synthesis of a Polymeric Hybrid Ion Exchanger with Recovered Iron(III) Towards the Removal of Arsenic Sengupta, Arup K.
Blaney, Lee M.
Greenleaf, John  

Total Pubs: 1
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Lehigh University September 2004 -
May 2005  
58 SU831834
Pathogen Reduction with Sustainable and Appropriate Technology for a Secondary School Sanitation Facility in Azové, Benin Striebig, Bradley A.
Boger, Kevin
Culbreth, Ian
Dacquisto, John F.
Fagnant, Thomas
Hall, Katie
Hardy, Danielle
Jantzen, Tyler
Langenhuizen, Brendon
Olson, Christa
Raleigh, Mark
Rowden, Katherine  

Total Pubs: 11
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Gonzaga University September 2004 -
May 2005  
59 SU831888
Conversion of Wind Power to Hydrogen Fuel: Design of an Alternative Energy System for an Injection Molding Facility Thorn, Brian
Braymiller, Sarah
Carrano, Andres
Griffin, Patrick
Miller, Michael
Nasr, Nabil
Ngo, Quoc Khahn
Raymond, Stephen
Szratter, Justin  

Total Pubs: 3
-- No Journals --
-- No Books --
Rochester Institute of Technology September 2004 -
May 2005  
60 SU831895
Accurate Building Integrated Photovoltaic System (BIPV) Architectural Design Tool Singh, Pritpal
Kantamsetti, Shveta
Raskauskas, Mary
Torres, Vanessa  

  Villanova University September 2004 -
May 2005  
61 SU831854
Healthy and Energy-Efficient Housing in Hot and Humid Climates: A Model Design Yang, Xudong
DeMarco, Gerald
James, Jacqueline
Laas, Michael
Tang, Shijie
Wang, Yunqiu
Xu, Yue
Yan, Wei  

  University of Miami September 2004 -
May 2005  
62 SU831884
Energy Management Innovation in the US Ski Industry Troxell, Wade O.
Davis, Ashley
Dean, Jesse
Jansen, Seth  

  Colorado State University August 2004 -
May 2005  
63 SU831869
Greening Standards for Green Structures: Process and Products Sweet, Rebecca
Adams, Tierra
Blackwell, Harrison
Blunt, Cynthia
Brauer, Goldie
Bridgers, James
Bullock, Brandy
Burger, Brent
Callicutt, Alisha
Capron, Lindy
Chin, Robert A.
Cunningham, Coury
Currin, Jennifer
Davis, Eric
Devers, Trisha
Eason, Stephanie
Fitts, Jared
Flora, Blair
Jones, Kristin
Killebrew, Holly
Koehier, Terra
Lassiter, Kelley
Lindsey, Rebekah Tidal
Marjoram, Jeffrey
Miliner, Mignon
Moore, Robyn
Moss, Dorothy
Murphy, Alecia
Newbern, John
Oden, Caroline
Odom, Adelaide
Pennypacker, Emelie
Peoples, Heather
Porter, Hannah
Roberts, Kelly
Singh, Jyotsna
Smith, Cameron
Speece, Jennifer
Stevenson, ToKina
Sullivan, Christine
Thomas, Ben
Tsodzo, Munyaradzi
Ward, Kathleen
Warsco, Katherine
Whitaker, Timothy
White, Ellen
Wickell, Carly
Wiegand, Jennifer
Woodard, Charee
Yeager, John  

Total Pubs: 4
Journals: 2
-- No Books --
East Carolina University August 2004 -
May 2005  
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