P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet - Phase 2

In Response to a FY2011 Request for Applications

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Annual/ Final Reports Pubs Count Institution Project Period
1 SU836006
Renewable Energy-Powered Bulk Milk Cooling for Smallholder Dairy Farmers Kisaalita, William S.     University of Georgia August 2011 -
August 2012  
2 SU835070
Water Collection, Containment, and Self Regulating Distribution System Lilly, Brian
Ward, Thomas  
  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign August 2011 -
August 2013  
3 SU836007
Development of Apparel and Footwear From Renewable Sources (Phase II) Cao, Huantian
Bonanno, Paula
Dan, Quan
Kramer, Jillian
Lipschitz, Stacey
Wool, R. P.  
  University of Delaware August 2011 -
August 2013  
4 SU835069
Use of Bone Char for the Removal of Arsenic and Uranium from Groundwater at the Pine Ridge Reservation Werth, Charles J
Becraft, Jacob
Dam, Emily Van
Feeney, Connor
Freeck, Jason
Genchanok, Yana
Llewellyn, Alex
Miller, Adam
Morton, Jeremy
Nell, Marika
Nguyen, Tien-Hung
Parker, Kimberly M
Salvatore, Michelle
Steege, Eden
Wang, Hanting  
  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Oglala Lakota College August 2011 -
August 2013  
5 SU835171
BioWinol Technologies: A hybrid green process for biofuel production – Phase 2 Wilkins, Mark
Atiyeh, Hasan
Dharman, Karthikeyan Ramachandriya
Liu, Kan
Zhu, Stephen  
  Oklahoma State University - Main Campus August 2011 -
August 2013  
6 SU835066
Lightweight Green Roof Water Retention System Spatari, Sabrina     Drexel University August 2011 -
August 2013  
7 SU835067
Development of Community Power from Sustainable Small Hydro Power Systems – A Capacity Building Project in Bangang, Cameroon Ileleji, Klein     Purdue University August 2011 -
August 2013  
8 SU835068
New Methods of Teaching Renewable Energy to Students Jacobson, Mark Z.     Stanford University August 2011 -
August 2013  
9 SU835156
Watershed Management at the Basin Scale at Duke University Schaad, David
Bernhardt, Emily
Deshusses, Marc
Halley, Jim
Kabala, Zbigniew J.
Medina, Miguel A.
Palumbo, Steve
Richardson, Curtis J.  
  Duke University August 2011 -
August 2013  
10 SU835071
Novel 'Greener' Routes to Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Materials Nagarajan, Ramaswamy
Bouldin, Ryan
Kiratitanavit, Weeradech
Kumar, Jayant
Ravichandran, Sethumadhavan  
  University of Massachusetts - Lowell August 2011 -
August 2013  
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