Interpretation of Biomarkers Using Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Annual/ Final Reports Pubs Count Institution Project Period
1 R833451
An Integrated Computational Framework for the Interpretation of Organophosphorus Pesticide Biomarkers Reisfeld, Brad
Chambers, Janice E.
Lyons, Michael A.
Mayeno, Arthur N.
Yang, Raymond S.H.  

Total Pubs: 1
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Colorado State University, Mississippi State University - Main Campus October 2007 -
September 2010  
2 R833452
Development of a PBPK Model for Interpreting Biomonitoring Data on Carbaryl and Other N-methyl-carbamates Clewell, Harvey
Yoon, Miyoung
Allen, Bruce
Kedderis, Gregory
Tan, Yu-Mei  


Total Pubs: 3
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The Hamner Institutes September 2007 -
August 2010  
3 R833454
CYP-Specific PBPK/PD Models to Interpret Biomarkers for Organophosphate Pesticides Olson, James
Bonner, Matthew R.
Browne, Richard
Knaak, James B.
Kostyniak, Paul J.
Yu, Aiming  
  The State University of New York at Buffalo September 2007 -
August 2010  
4 R833453
Use of Biomarkers and Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling in Risk Analysis for Developmental Effects of Chlorpyrifos Hattis, Dale
Andrews, Howard F.
Garfinkel, Robin S.
Ginsberg, Gary
Goble, Robert
Hoepner, Lori A.
Rauh, Virginia
Whyatt, Robin M.  
  Clark University, Columbia University in the City of New York June 2007 -
May 2010  
5 R833450
Determination of Aggregate and Cumulative Exposures of Perfluorinated Compounds Consistent with Biomarkers of the Compounds Using Simulation Modeling of Exposure and Pharmacokinetics Chaisson, Christine
Andersen, Melvin E.
Clewell, Harvey
Franklin, Claire A.
Jayjock, Michael
Krewski, Daniel
Mathis, Eric T.
Ramsay, Tim
Tan, Yu-Mei
Tedder, Douglas R.  

Total Pubs: 1
Journals: 1
-- No Books --
The LifeLine Group, Inc., Center for Human Health Assessment CIIT Centers for Health Research, University of Ottawa’s Institute for Population Health May 2007 -
May 2010  
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