P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet

Request for Applications closing date: December 23, 2008

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 SU834290
Eco-Energy Demonstration Model: Anaerobic Digestion, Algae and Energy Prosperity Wilkie, Ann C.
Alldridge, Jonathan S
Edmundson, Scott J
Granovskaya, Yelena
Graunke, Ryan E
Norrell, Taylor S
Society, Bio-Energy and Sustainable Technology  
University of Florida August 2009 -
August 2010  
2 SU834291
Improved Cook Stoves for Haiti Using Thermoelectrics to Reduce Deforestation and Improve Quality of Life Stevens, Robert
Brol, Chris
Chaijaroonrat, Salinla
Dibble, Aaron
Donahue, Ian
Fontaine, Young Jo
Goulet, Chris
Higgins, Dan
Hoskins, Shawn
Labrie, Matthew
Lux, Richard
McKimpson, Neal
Molocznik, Kevin
Myers, James
Poandl, Luke
Scannell, Dan
Thorn, Brian  
Rochester Institute of Technology August 2009 -
August 2010  
3 SU834292
The SolSource 3-in-1: A Comprehensive Decentralized Solar Energy Platform Flynn, Nolan Thomas
Spengler, John D.
Amatya, Reja
Ezzati, Majid
Frank, Scot G.
Jia, Huaze
Kulper, Sloan
Powers, Catlin Ishihara
Qian, Amy
Ram, Rajeev
Tai, Xiamao
Wilson, David Gordon
Yang, Xudong
Zhang, Wendi  
Wellesley College August 2009 -
August 2010  
4 SU834293
Farm Waste to Energy: A Sustainable Solution for Small-Scale Farms Grimberg, Stefan J.
Rogers, Shane
Armington, W
Booska, B
Boyd, V
Desing, G
Dissanayake, D
Gibson, Shannon L
Gilman, Falisha
Klotzbach, C
Labelle, J
Laush, C
Maley, C
Matteson, K
McCrum, I
Page, T
Reddinger, M
Welsh, Joseph R.  
Clarkson University August 2009 -
August 2010  
5 SU834294
Concentrated Solar Distillation as a Means to Purify Saline/Brackish Water Matsumoto, Mark
Chen, Alexander
Chen, Luke
Chen, Wesley
Javadinajjar, Parham
Johnson, John
Salinas, Christopher
Tam, Kawai
West, Elizha  
University of California - Riverside August 2009 -
August 2010  
6 SU834295
Evaluation of Chitosan Coagulation as a Sustainable Method for Point of Use Drinking Water Treatment in Developing Countries Sobsey, Mark D.
Armstrong, Andrew
Casanova, Lisa
Clark, Lily P.
Elliott, Mark
Hiser, Ashley F.
Kaufman, Amanda
Knee, Jackie
Ligon, Grant C.
Soros, Ampai  
University of North Carolina August 2009 -
August 2010  
7 SU834296
Undergraduate Project on Virus Removal in Slow Sand Filters for Rural Mayan Communities Nguyen, Thanh (Helen) H.   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign August 2009 -
August 2010  
8 SU834297
Enhancing Performance and Social Acceptability of the Ventilated Improved Pit Toilet Watkins, David
Fuchs, Valerie
Gossen, Craig
Guzak, Kristine
Hanson, Cara
Landick, Kimberly
Marek, Stefan
Michalek, Donna J.
Paterson, Kurtis G.
Thode, Ashley  
Michigan Technological University August 2009 -
August 2010  
9 SU834298
Combining Innovative Renewable and Native American Technologies in the Design of a Sustainable Outdoor Classroom Fitch, John
Bayona, Laura
Brookbank, Ryan
Stacy, Heidi  
Florida Gulf Coast University August 2009 -
August 2010  
10 SU834299
Using an integrated approach of rapid microbial detection technology and community education to reduce waterborne illness in Dar es Salaam Tanzania Jay, Jennifer
Boehm, Alexandria
Lee, Christine
Mika, Kathryn  
University of California - Los Angeles August 2009 -
August 2010  
11 SU834316
Reducing Fungicide Usage for Potato Production by Unraveling Tuber and Foliage Defense Mechanisms Against the Late Blight Pathogen Phytophthora Infestans Bradeen, James M.   University of Minnesota August 2009 -
August 2010  
12 SU834317
Design and Fabrication of a Reduced Cost Heliostat Ostergren, Warren
Berry, Marco
Christian, Joshua
Gallegos, Anselmo
Hebert, Jason
Luders, Ian
Soas, Saleem
Valdez, Kendra  
New Mexico Tech August 2009 -
August 2010  
13 SU834318
An Innovative Design for Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Animal Wastes for Sustainable Development in Rural Communities He, Qiang
Cox, Chris D.
DeBlois, Reese
Hawkins, Shawn A.
Hsu, Julia
Hsueh, Michael
Jacobs, David
Ko, Edward
Sneed, Caroline
Stephens, Timothy
Zamudio, Esteban
Zhang, Yan
Zhu, Zhenwei  
University of Tennessee - Knoxville August 2009 -
August 2010  
14 SU834319
Biomass Gasification for Agricultural Energy Sources and Soil Enrichment Domermuth, David
Doll, Susan
Ferrell, Jeremy
Flynt, Asher
Gonzales, Eva
Hobbs, Zach
Houser, James
Kinsey, Heather
Labowitz, Ethan
Law, Daniel Allen
Madritch, Mike
Martin, John H.
Raichle, Brian W.
Uchal, Michael J.
Urban, Eric J.
Williams, Landon  
Appalachian State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
15 SU834320
Developing Alternative Power to Drive a Partitioned Aquaculture System for Intensive Food Fish Production Leavitt, Dale F.
Boisclair, Joshua
Pica, Jessica
Riley, Linda A.
Roy, Adam
Schork, George
Thomas, Charles R.  
Roger Williams University August 2009 -
August 2010  
16 SU834321
Sustainable Year-Round Food Production in Cold Climates Powers, Susan E.
Bentley, Ethan
Bonnell, Sean
Buel, Kyle
Carnahan, Quinn
Darocha, James
Doyle, Ryan
Gilbraith, Nathan
Gonyer, Daegan A.J.
Howley, Bridget
Jacobs, Nathan
Ludovici, Eric
Shaddak, Laura  
Clarkson University August 2009 -
August 2010  
17 SU834322
Development of a Recyclable Heterogeneous Catalyst for Biodiesel Synthesis Utilizing Waste Grease as Feedstock Halaweish, Fathi
Mercer, Erin Jo  
South Dakota State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
18 SU834323
Change Without Buying: An Application of Adaptable Design in Apparel Cao, Huantian
Chang, Rita
Kallal, Mary Jo
Malano, Grace
McCord, Jennifer
Shaw, Jenna
Starner, Heather  
University of Delaware August 2009 -
August 2010  
19 SU834324
Chicken Feather Fibers for Hydrogen Storage Wool, R. P.
Campanella, Alejandrina
Danner, Kate
Senoz, Erman
Stanzione III, Joseph F
Watson, Cara
Zhan, Mingjiang  
University of Delaware August 2009 -
August 2010  
20 SU834325
Using Waste to Clean Up the Environment: Cellulosic Ethanol, the Future of Fuels Garong, Ramon Joshua
Wyman, Charles
Kwon, Christine
Nguyen, Vu
Shi, Jian
Tam, Kawai
Turgman, Anthony  
University of California - Riverside August 2009 -
August 2010  
21 SU834326
Reduction of Water Consumption and Pollution in the Corn Masa Production Process Okos, Martin R.
Birt, Lindsey
Najm, Majdi Abou
Piepenburg, Jayne
Probst, Kyle
Zawadsky-Weist, Maya  
Purdue University August 2009 -
August 2010  
22 SU834327
Design of an Engine Generator for the Rural Poor: A Sustainable Systems Approach Colledge, Thomas H.
Boehmann, Andre
Chen, Lu
Dzwill, Alex
Gathenya, Mwangi
Hayek, Christopher
Hicks, Michael
Johnson, Ryan A.
Kuria, James
Lloyd, Wallis
Myers, Neil
Ndiva, Joseph
Otieno, Bernard
Pantalone, Steve  
Pennsylvania State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
23 SU834328
Thermoelectric Power Harvesting Systems Jones, Matthew
Allred, Jacob
Chamberlin, Skyler
Christiansen, John
Edwards, David
Lefevre, Jeremy
Naegle, Stephen  
Brigham Young University August 2009 -
August 2010  
24 SU834329
Harvesting Roadside Wind Energy Zhong, Linghao
Brenner, Joseph
Dahal, Rochak
Hamilton, James
Herzog, Zig
Llyod, Bradley  
Pennsylvania State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
25 SU834330
Development of an Affordable Family-Scale Biogas Generator Meyer, W. Craig
Judy, Kaitlin
Layne, Zachary
Mehta, Daniel
Minkovsky, Alexandra
Nefcy, Dillion
Nemeth, Amy
Oster, Brendan
Parisi, Nicholas
Pracher, Mark
Shoplyansky, Jessica
Woods, Jordan
Young, Chelsea  
Pierce College August 2009 -
August 2010  
26 SU834331
Affordable, Sustainable Solar Energy Heater For The Developing World Bland, Larry
Cordova, Moises
Kim, Young-Gurl
Sesler, Katie
Whittaker, Susanna  
John Brown University August 2009 -
August 2010  
27 SU834332
Smoothing the Peaks: Smart Outlets to Reduce Brownouts on Micro-hydroelectric Minigrids in Bhutan Jacobson, Arne E.
Apple, James
Chase, Nathan
Dorji, Chhimi
Harper, Meg
Hiller, Joey
Lehman, Peter
Robinson, James
Tracy, Jenny  
Humboldt State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
28 SU834333
Overcoming Consumers’ Barriers to the Adoption of Sustainable Lighting: Considering CFLs and LEDs Across the Life Course Hebert, Paulette
Chaney, Sylvia
Johnston, Jan
Stall-Meadows, Celia  
Oklahoma State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
29 SU834334
Coupled Anaerobic Digester: Wetland System for Dairy Waste and Stormwater Treatment with Biogas Production Reinhold, Dawn
Ahlquist, Joseph
Crook, Michelle
Faivor, Louis
Haan, Mat
Henderson, Shannon
Liao, Wei
Safferman, Steve
Triscari, Patrick  
Michigan State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
30 SU834335
Residence-to-Garden Greywater Delivery System Goldberg, Nisse
Barra, Derrick
Carmody, Eric
Clements, Lee Ann
Dey, Janelle
Dieujuste, Erdy
Forkal, Kenzie
Huderson, Leon
Janiak, Elizabeth
Lane, W. Brian
Ly, Reynold
Manis, Jenna
Stoner, Patrick  
Jacksonville University August 2009 -
August 2010  
31 SU834336
A Sustainable Approach to Nitrate Reduction Combining a Riparian Zone with a Stream Denitrifying Biofilm Barone, Justin Robert
Breighner, Koren
Downs, Jennifer
Flickinger, Joshua
Kesecker, Scott
McAnulty, Mike
Palazzolo, Jessica
Thies, Melissa
Tucker, Alex  
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia Tech August 2009 -
August 2010  
32 SU834337
Enhancing Urban Sustainability through the Application of Permaculture Principles Reyes, Manuel
Alvarez, Carlos Montoya
Carter, Scott
Hargis, Maria
Hayes, Randall
Higgs, Kori
Young, Carmen  
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
33 SU834338
Dose Controller for AguaClara Water Treatment Plants Weber-Shirk, Monroe
Curtis, Kayti
Johnson, Dale
Ko, Harrison
Patel, Akta
Swetland, Karen A.  
Cornell University August 2009 -
August 2010  
34 SU834339
Developing and Applying a Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Decision Tool for Impoverished Communities in South Africa Ward, Andy   The Ohio State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
35 SU834340
Lighting for Reading: Designing an LED Luminaire for Homes and Offices Drab, Theodore
Hebert, Paulette
Stall-Meadows, Celia  
Oklahoma State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
36 SU834341
Waste Information Modeling (WIM) for Construction of the Built Environment Beorkrem, Christopher
Gardner, Ronna
Mattison, James
Polyakov, Igor
Scott, Jeff  
University of North Carolina at Charlotte August 2009 -
August 2010  
37 SU834342
SEED: Emergent Container Housing Initiative – Solutions for the Caribbean Christensen, Pernille Hoy
Alexander, Zach
Bagwell, Chris
Berry, Adam
Boom, Alex
Calloway, Shannon
Christopher, Nick
Davis, Maria
Falkner, Robert
Fowler, Brantley
Groen, Sam
Hale, Josh
Hall, Bryce
Hanna, Jonathan
Hecker, Douglas A.
Houston, Bryant
Jenkins, Travis
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Jennifer
Koschnitzki, Kenneth
Leanca, Kristen
McLaughlin, Owen
Mclees, Jonathan
Miller, Kyle
Miller, Nathan
Moore, Sarah
Newbold, Mitch
Nicholson, Sam
Nolan, Carson
Ogletree, Scott
Padgett, Thomas
Phelps, Paul
Piascik, John
Prothro, Andrew
Quales, John-Michael
Scroggs, Kyle
Skinner, Martha L.
Swart, Nat
Tanabe, Ayaka
Taylor, Aaron
Tedford, Robert
Thompson, Mitch
Wash, Matt
White, Dustin
Yonce, Ryan  
Clemson University, Tri-County Technical College August 2009 -
August 2010  
38 SU834343
Development of an Urban Food Leadership Coop in Support of a Local Food System Francis, Charles
Burbach, Mark
Koehler-Cole, Katja
Matkin, Gina
Quinn, Courtney
Quinn, John E.
Vanwart, Justin  
University of Nebraska at Lincoln August 2009 -
August 2010  
39 SU834349
Horizontal Hybrid Solar Light Pipe: an Integrated System of Daylight and Electric Light Beltrán, Liliana O.
Camacho, Gema
Diaz, Oscar
Farias, Francisco
Fernández-Solis, José
Gignac, Nicholas
Jiang, Yin
Lee, Johnny
Mansour, Nesrine
Miller, Paul
Negandhi, Vanita
Pathak, Rutuparna
Porwal, Vishal
Shirodkar, Rohan
Wang, Julian  
Texas A & M University August 2009 -
August 2010  
40 SU834350
Alkali-Activated Slag Cements as a Sustainable Building Material Barsoum, Michel
Crook, Abraham
Moseson, Alexander J.
Mucha, Jamie
Radlinska, Aleksandra
Sakulich, Aaron
Shook, Joseph E.
Terpeluk, Alexandra  
Drexel University, Villanova University August 2009 -
August 2010  
41 SU834397
Sustainable Building Design for a School – Community Center in Rural Nigeria Dearborn, Lynne
Adedotun, Adeyeye
Akinlade, Femi
Ayotunde, Balogun
Dada, Folly
Ero-Phillips, Samuel
Georgiadis, John
Lipke, Naomi
Olusegun, Ogunlade
Oriola, Segun
Taylor, Mark
Varad, Alanso  
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ogun State University August 2009 -
August 2010  
42 SU834436
Bicycling For Transportation at Georgia State University Steward, John A.
Adair, Emily
Kraft, Shannon
Lynch, Victoria
Martin, Lindsey
McLaughlin, Devin
Normoyle, Catherine
Pope, Nancy
Schaefer, Alex
Stauber, Christine
Taquechel, Palmer  
Georgia State University August 2009 -
August 2010  

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