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Atmospheric Fate and Dry Deposition of Urban Soot to Great Waters Using a Novel, State-of-the-Art Isotopic Particulate Tracer
Grant Number R825247
RFA: Air Quality (1996)
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Journal Article Heller-Zeisler SF, Borgoul PV, Moore RR, Smoliar M, Suarez AE, Ondov JM. Comparison of INAA and RNAA methods with thermal-ionization mass spectrometry for iridium determinations in atmospheric tracer studies. Journal Of Radioanalytical And Nuclear Chemistry 2000;244(1):93-96.
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R825247 (Final)
Journal Article Maciejczyk PB, Kidwell C, Ondov JM. System for precise control of volumetric flow rate during sampling with a cascade impactor. Aerosol Science and Technology 2002;36(4):397-406.
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R825247 (1999)
R825247 (Final)