44 Key Actions Support the five major goals of the National Water Program Strategy
Pie chart shows distribution of 44 key actions among the five goals: adaptation, 22 actions; mitigation, 11; management, 4; education, 4; and research, 3;

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Key Actions in the National Water Program Strategy

The Strategy’s major goals are supported by more specific objectives and key actions to be implemented by the National Water Program. Some key actions expand existing efforts to better address climate change, while others are new actions specifically focused on climate change issues. Appendix 2 of the Strategy provides a summary of the 44 key actions.

Half of the 44 key actions involve tasks related to adapting water program implementation to a changing climate. Eleven key actions relate to opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gases through water program activities. The remaining actions relate to water-related research on climate change, education of water program managers on climate change issues, and integrating climate change within the management structure of the National Water Program. Implementation of these new key actions was planned with an assumption of current funding levels.

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