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National Water Program Strategy: Response to Climate Change

In September 2008, EPA released the National Water Program Strategy: Response to Climate Change. The Strategy provides an overview of the likely effects of climate change on water resources and the nation’s clean water and safe drinking water programs. It also describes initial specific actions the National Water Program will take in 2008–2010 to adapt program implementation in light of climate change. The Strategy has five major goals:

Goal 1—Water Program Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases: use water programs to contribute to greenhouse gas mitigation.

Goal 2—Water Program Adaptation to Climate Change: adapt implementation of core water programs to maintain and improve program effectiveness in the context of a changing climate.

Goal 3—Climate Change Research Related to Water: strengthen the link between EPA water programs and climate change research.

Goal 4—Water Program Education on Climate Change: educate water program professionals and stakeholders on climate change impacts on water resources and programs.

Goal 5—Water Program Management of Climate Change: establish the management capability within the National Water Program to engage climate change challenges on a sustained basis.

EPA will regularly update the strategy.

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