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5. Timber Harvesting - continued

  • Skyline systems move logs to the landing by aerial cables. This is used where there are long, steep slopes or where it is necessary to protect soils from excessive disturbance and to maintain integrity of sensitive areas.

  • Helicopters move logs to the landing by helicopter. This method is used primarily in rugged terrain where good landing sites and roads are not very close to the harvest areas, or where there are exceptionally sensitive environmental features that may be affected by other yarding methods or new road construction.

Landings for any of the above transport systems should be located in dry areas with slight slopes, well outside streamside management zones or wetlands. The number and size of landings should be planned along with the harvest road system considering the yarding system selected. There must be adequate drainage on approach trails to the landing and a mechanism to divert water away from the landing.

The ability to grow the next forest depends on protecting the soil. After completion of harvesting operations, landings and access roads must be stabilized. Regrade and revegetate the surface of landings and access roads so they are smooth, level, and free of ruts. Heavily compacted areas may require scarification or disking to promote water infiltration.

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