Photo showing the three main yarding (log transport) systems: skylines, helicopters, and skidders

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5. Timber Harvesting - continued

Types of yarding systems include tractor/skidder, skyline, and helicopter logging.

  • Tractor/skidder systems haul logs to a landing by tractor or skidder along skid trails. This is the least expensive and most common type of system, but it also can have the most impact on nearby waters if done carelessly. Impacts can be reduced through practices such as the following:

    • Skid trails should be carefully laid out to minimize the number of trails.
    • Skid trails should be clearly marked. Skid trails should not be located in streambeds, in SMZs, or on steep slopes.
    • Skidding should be upslope or on the topographic contour to disperse runoff.
    • Appropriate drainage control measures, such as water bars, should be installed on skid trails to protect water quality.

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