Forest BMP Poster and Presentations
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  1. Preharvest Planning
  2. Streamside Management Zones
  3. Forest Wetlands Protection
  4. Road Construction
  5. Timber Harvesting
  6. Revegetation
  7. Fire Management
  8. Forest Chemical Management

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If you are ready to begin studying the following general forestry measures, move on to the next slide. It is a full-screen "poster" slide with eight major categories of forestry practice, explained in individual sub-presentations that can be accessed by clicking within the circled areas in different parts of the poster slide.

First, you may want to briefly review all the forestry measures contained in the poster by clicking on each one for a text box containing a short description. Also in each box is a button you can click to access a more detailed sub-presentation. Completing each sub-presentation will route you back to the main poster slide, where you can click on the next topic. When you are done with all eight, click on the "Module Conclusion" button to go to the closing summary, acknowledgments, and a self-test to evaluate your learning.

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