3. Forest Wetlands Protection

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3. Forest Wetland Management*

*Note: BMPs outlined below are examples. Check with the appropriate state agency to determine applicable BMPs in your area.

Forest wetlands provide many beneficial functions such as sediment trapping, nutrient retention and removal, groundwater recharge, and exceptional wildlife habitat. Normal, ongoing forestry activities (including harvesting, road design and construction, site preparation and regeneration, and chemical management) must be planned and operated to adequately protect the beneficial functions of forest wetlands.

The Clean Water Act and state-level wetlands laws provide some regulatory protections that may affect actions such as depositing fill. Nevertheless, use of Best Management Practices may make several forestry-related activities exempt from fill permit requirements (see section 232.3c(6)(i - xv)). Foresters should identify the provisions that apply to their plans before taking action and consult their local authorities for advice.

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