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Darling, J. AND J. Carlton. A Framework for Understanding Marine Cosmopolitanism in the Anthropocene. Frontiers in Marine Science. Frontiers, Lausanne, Switzerland, 5:293, (2018).
Schaeffer, B., M. Amanatides, J. Darling, E. Urquhart, AND W. Salls. Assessing the impact of cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms on drinking water intakes across the United States. 2018 AGU Fall Meeting, Washington, DC, December 10 - 14, 2018.
Mangiante, M., A. Davis, S. Panlasigui, M. Neilson, I. Pfingsten, P. Fuller, AND J. Darling. Trends in nonindigenous aquatic species richness in the United States reveal shifting spatial and temporal patterns of species introductions. Aquatic Invasions. Regional Euro-Asian Biological Invasions Centre, Helsinki, Finland, 13(3):323-338, (2018).
Panlasigui, S., A. Davis, M. Mangiante, AND J. Darling. Assessing threats of non-native species to native freshwater biodiversity: Conservation priorities for the United States. BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 224:199-208, (2018).
Darling, J., J. Martinson, Y. Gong, S. Okum, E. Pilgrim, K. Pagenkopp Lohan, J. Carney, AND G. Ruiz. Ballast Water Exchange and Invasion Risk Posed by Intracoastal Vessel Traffic: An Evaluation Using High Throughput Sequencing. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 52(17):9926-9936, (2018).
Briski, E., F. Chan, J. Darling, V. Lauringson, H. MacIsaac, A. Zhan, AND S. Bailey. Beyond propagule pressure: importance of selection during the transport stage of biological invasions. FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Ecological Society of America, Ithaca, NY, 16(6):345-353, (2018).
Pilgrim, E., A. Banerji, J. Darling, C. Hatzenbuhler, J. Hoffman, A. Maloy, J. Martinson, R. Mitchell, C. Meredith, S. Okum, A. Trebitz, AND L. Yuan. How Gene Marker and PCR Primer Choice Influence DNA Metabarcoding of Aquatic Communities. 2018 Society of Freshwater Science Annual Meeting, Detroit, MI, May 20 - 24, 2018.
Schaeffer, B., J. Clark, J. Darling, E. Urquhart, AND R. Carlson. An approach to monitoring cyanobacteria blooms at surface drinking water intakes using satellite imagery (10th National Monitoring Conference). 10th National Monitoring Conference, Tampa, FL, May 02 - 06, 2016.
Amanatides, M., B. Schaeffer, E. Urquhart, J. Darling, AND W. Salls. Using Satellite Data to Monitor the Impacts of CyanoHAB Events on Drinking Water: A Texas Case Study. Lower Rio Grande Valley 20th Annual Water Quality Management & Planning Conference, South Padre Island, TX, May 14 - 19, 2018.
Davis, A. AND J. Darling. Recreational freshwater fishing drives non-native aquatic species richness patterns at a continental scale. Diversity and Distributions. Blackwell Publishing Limited, Oxford, Uk, 23(6):692-702, (2017).
Darling, J. AND R. Frederick. Nucleic acids-based tools for ballast water surveillance, monitoring, and research. Journal of Sea Research. ELSEVIER, AMSTERDAM, Holland, 133:43-52, (2018).
Darling, J., B. Galil, G. Carvalho, M. Rius, F. Viard, AND S. Piraino. Recommendations for developing and applying genetic tools to assess and manage biological invasions in marine ecosystems. Marine Policy. Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands, 85:54-64, (2017).
VanBerkel, D., K. Tieskens, B. Van Zanten, A. Davis, M. Mehaffey, A. Neale, AND J. Darling. Mapping Cultural Ecosystem Services for the Continental US Using Social Media. Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP), Shenzhen, CHINA, December 11 - 15, 2017.
Panlasigui, S., A. Davis, M. Mangiante, AND J. Darling. Vulnerability of freshwater native biodiversity to non-native species invasions across the continental United States. 2017 Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, August 06 - 11, 2017.
Davis, A. AND J. Darling. Drivers of Non-Native Aquatic Species Invasions across the Continental U.S: A Macroscale Assessment. 2017 Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, August 06 - 11, 2017.
Clark, J., B. Schaeffer, J. Darling, E. Urquhart, JohnM Johnston, A. Ignatius, M. Myer, K. Loftin, J. Werdell, AND R. Stumpf. Satellite monitoring of cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom frequency in recreational waters and drinking water sources. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 80:84-95, (2017).
Viard, F., P. David, AND J. Darling. Marine invasions enter the genomic era: three lessons from the past, and the way forward. Current Zoology. China Zoology Society, Beijing, China, 62(6):629-642, (2016).
Rius, M. AND J. Darling. How important is intraspecific genetic admixture to the success of colonising populations? TRENDS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 29(4):233-242, (2014).
Davis, A. AND J. Darling. Mapping plant invadedness in watersheds across the continental United States. International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species, Winnepeg, CANADA, April 10 - 14, 2016.
Schaeffer, B., J. Clark, AND J. Darling. Cyanobacteria Assessment Network (CyAN). Presented at US EPA Region 8 HABs Meeting, Rapid City, SD, September 30 - October 01, 2015.