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Droplet Phase (Heterogeneous) and Gas Phase (Homogeneous) Contributions to Secondary Ambient Aerosol Formation as Functions of Relative Humidity. 1983
Dust transport in Maricopa County, Arizona / 1979
Dynamic properties of submicron aerosols / 1974
Dynamical Properties of Aerosol Beams. 1971
Dynamics of aerocolloidal systems, 1970
Dynamics of automotive sulfate emissions / 1978
Dynamics of automotive sulfate emissions / 1978
Ecological effects of aerosol drift from a saltwater cooling system / 1976
Economic Impact of Regulating Chlorofluorocarbon Emissions from Aerosols: A Retrospective Study. 1983
Effect of Aerosolization on Subsequent Bacterial Survival. 1992
Effect of aerosols on the transfer of solar energy through realistic model atmospheres 1973
Effect of an Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant on Ambient Air Densities of Aerosols Containing Bacteria and Viruses. 1985
Effect of Conventional and Advanced Coal Conversion By-Products on the Pulmonary System. 1981
Effect of Hygroscopic Growth upon the Regional Dispersion of Particulates in Human Airways. 1987
Effect of Light Absorption Rate on Grain Size Determination by Light Scattering Method (Hikari Sanranho ni Yoru Ryukei Sokutei ni Okeru Hikari Kyushuritsu no Eikyo). 1974
Effect of Loading Dust Type on the Filtration Efficiency of Elctrostatically Charged Filters. 1999
Effect of Ozone Exposure on the Dispersion of Inhaled Aerosol Boluses in Healthy Human Subjects. 1990
Effect of probe geometry and air velocity on aerosol sampling / 1974
Effect of vapor wall loss in laboratory chambers on yields of secondary organic aerosols / 2015
Effectiveness of the PM2.5 Federal Reference Method to Differentiate Fine and Coarse Mode Aerosol: A Response to Section 6102(e) of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century. 2000
Effects of aerosols on atmospheric processes / 1982
Effects of Ammonium Sulfate Aerosol Exposure on Lung Structure of Normal and Elastase-Impaired Rats and Guinea Pigs. 1984
Effects of Ammonium Sulfate Aerosols on Vegetation. 1. Chamber Design for Long-Duration Exposures. 1983
Effects of atmospheric aerosols on infrared irradiance at the earth's surface in a nonurban environment / 1975
Effects of Betaine on Enumeration of Airborne Bacteria. 1990
Effects of Carinal Ridge Shapes on Lung Airstreams. 1994
Effects of charged particles on cascade impactor calibrations / 1978
Effects of DDVP Aerosols on Blood Cholinesterase of Fogging Machine Operators. 1959
Effects of endogenous ammonia on neutralization of inhaled sulfuric acid aerosols / 1979
Effects of Exposure to Peroxyacetyl Nitrate on Susceptibility to Acute and Chronic Bacterial Infection. 1981
Effects of Fan Cycling on the Particle Shedding of Particulate Air Filters Used for IAQ Control. 1998
Effects of Inhaled Hexachlorobenzene Aerosols on Rat Pulmonary Host Defenses. 1989
Effects of Large (0.9 micrometer) Sulfuric Acid Aerosols on Human Pulmonary Function. 1982
Effects of Meteorology on Concentrations of Acid Aerosols. 1994
Effects of nozzle design and sampling techniques on aerosol measurements / 1974
Effects of photochemical oxidants on plants / 1984
Effects of Reduced Use of Lead in Gasoline on Vehicle Emissions and Photochemical Reactivity. 1972
Effects of Short-Term Exposures to Sulfuric Acid and Ammonium Sulfate Aerosols Upon Bronchial Airway Function in the Donkey. 1978
Effects of sulfur oxide pollutants on respiratory function, particle deposition and bronchial clearance / 1981
Effects of Sulfur Oxide Pollutants on Respiratory Function, Particle Deposition and Bronchial Clearance. 1980
Effects of sulfuric acid aerosols on vegetation / 1979
Effects of surface properties of collectors on the removal of charged and uncharged particles from aerosol suspensions / 1981
Effects of surface properties of collectors on the removal of charged and uncharged particles from aerosol suspensions / 1981
Effects of temperature and pressure on particle collection mechanisms : theoretical review / 1977
Effects of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments on visibility in class I areas : an EPA report to Congress. 1993
Effects of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments on visibility in Class I areas and EPA report to Congress. 1993
Effervescent Atomization at Low Air/Liquid Ratios. 1998
EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) NESHAPS (National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants) for Radionuclides. 1989
Electron Microprobe Analysis of Atmosphere Aerosols. 1969
Electron microprobe X-ray analysis of atmospheric aerosol particles, period covered December 1, 1968 to August 31, 1969. 1969
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