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1-Chloromethylpyrene: A Reference Skin Sensitizer and Genotoxin. 1990
A Plan to develop and implement a quality assurance program for the Ames/Salmonella test / 1981
Aliphatic Halogenated Hydrocarbons Produce Volatile 'Salmonella' Mutagens. 1984
Allyl Chloride: The Mutagenic Activity of Its Photooxidation Products. 1987
Alpha-Olefin Epoxide C-16 Salmonella/Microsome (Ames) Bacterial Mutagenicity Assay with Cover Letter. 1984
Ames 'Salmonella' Mutagenicity Assay Procedures for Water Samples. Protocol A: Sample Collection. Protocol B: Sample Processing. Protocol C: Ames 'Salmonella' Mutagenicity Assay. 1991
Ames bioassay of exhaust soluble organic emissions / 1984
An alternative septage treatment method : lime stabilization/sand-bed dewatering / 1975
An investigation into recreational water quality / 1972
Analysis by Chemical Class of Salmonella Mutagenicity Tests as Predictors of Animal Carcinogenicity (Journal Version). 1988
Antimutagenicity Profiles for Some Model Compounds. 1990
Antimutagenicity Profiles of Some Natural Substances. 1992
Application of the Micro-Forward Mutation Assay to Assess Mutagenicity of Airborne Particulates in Indoor. 1988
Assessing the Effect of Colony Counting Methods and Genetic Drift on Ames Bioassay Results. 1984
Assessing the Use of Known Mutagens to Calibrate the 'Salmonella typhimurium' Mutagenicity Assay. 1. Without Exogenous Activation. 1991
Assessing the Use of Known Mutagens to Calibrate the 'Salmonella typhimurium' Mutagenicity Assay. 2. With Exogenous Activation. 1991
Assessment of Hazardous Wastes for Genotoxicity. 1987
Assessment of mutagenic potential of mixtures of organic substances in renovated water / 1981
Assessment of the Microscreen Phage-Induction Assay for Screening Hazardous Wastes (1989). 1989
Assessment of the Microscreen Phage-Induction Assay for Screening Hazardous Wastes. 1987
Assessment of the mutagenic potential of volatile organic air pollutants before and after atmospheric transformation. 1990
Assessment of the TLC/Salmonella Assay for Screening Hazardous Wastes. 1987
Automated Biochemical Identification of Bacterial Fish Pathogens Using the Abbott Quantum II. 1989
Bacteria of public health significance associated with fish reared in treated wastewater / 1985
Bacterial Colonization of Point-of-Use Water Treatment Devices. 1985
Bacterial Mutagenicity of New Cyclopenta-Fused Cata-Annelated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, and Identification of the Major Metabolites of Benz(j)Acephenanthyrylene Formed by Aroclor-Treated Rat Liver Microsomes. 1989
Bacterial Reverse Mutation Screening Assay using Salmonella typhimurium. 2005
Basis of the Insensitivity of 'Salmonella typhimurium' Strain TA98/1,8-DNP6 to the Mutagenic Action of Nitroarenes. 1983
Benefit/Cost Evaluation of Drinking Water Hygiene Programs. 1975
Benefits of maintaining a chlorine residual in water supply systems / 1980
Benz(j)aceanthrylene: A Novel Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon with Bacterial Mutagenic Activity. 1983
Bioassay of Complex Mixtures of Indoor Air Pollutants. Chapter 7. 1990
Bioassay-Directed Fractionation of 1-Nitropyrene Metabolites: Generation of Mutagrams by Coupling Reverse-Phase HPLC with Microsuspension Mutagenicity Assays. 1990
Biological and chemical methodologies for assessing human exposure to airborne mutagens indoors. {microfiche} 1990
Biomedical data validation through an on-line computer system / 1978
Carcinogenic Activity Associated with Halogenated Acetones and Acroleins in the Mouse Skin Assay. 1989
Carcinogenic Effects of Acrylamide in Sencar and A/J Mice. 1984
Carcinogenic N-Hydroxylaminopurine Derivatives Do Not Act as Base Analog Mutagens in 'Salmonella typhimurium'. 1985
CASE: The Computer-Automated Structure Evaluation Method, Correctly Predicts the Low Mutagenicity for Salmonella of Nitrated Cyclopenta-Fused Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. 1988
Characterization of Environmental Tobacco Smoke. 1989
Characterizing the genotoxicity of hazardous industrial wastes and effluents using short-term bioassays / 1989
Chemical Activation of Non-Mutagenic Nitrated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to Mutagens. 1982
Chemical Reactivity, Cytotoxicity, and Mutagenicity of Chloropropanones. 1987
Chemical Separation and In situ Mutagenicity Testing. 1985
Colorado River Bacteriological Survey Parker Strip and Lake Havasu, May 25-29, 1973. 1973
Comparative Mutagenicity of Halogenated Pyridines in the 'Salmonella Typhimurium'/Mammalian Microsome Test. 1987
Comparative Yields of Mutagens from Cigarette Smokers' Urine Obtained by Using Solid-Phase Extraction Techniques. 1989
Comparison of Ames 'Salmonella Typhimurium' Plate Incorporation Test Protocols. 1982
Comparison of Bioindicators of Exposure to Genotoxic Indoor Air Pollutants. 1990
Comparison of Drinking Water Mutagenicity with Leaching of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Water Distribution Pipes. 1987
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