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7,12-Dimethylbenz(a)anthracene-DNA Adducts in Sprague-Dawley and Long-Evans Female Rats: The Relationship of DNA Adducts to Mammary Cancer. 1984
Application of Recombinant DNA Technology in Methane Biosynthesis. 1986
Carcinogenicity of Chlorination By-Products: Trihalomethanes. 1981
Changes in Accessibility of DNA to Various Fluorochromes during Spermatogenesis. 1986
Characterization of 'Pseudomonas putida' Mutants Unable to Catabolize Benzoate: Cloning and Characterization of 'Pseudomonas' Genes Involved in Benzoate Catabolism and Isolation of a Chromosomal DNA Fragment Able to Substitute for xylS in Activation of the TOL Lower-Pathway Promoter. 1992
Chemical and enzymatic synthesis of gene fragments a laboratory manual / 1982
Chemical carcinogens and DNA 1979
Development of a tissue selective in vivo bioassay for environmental agents producing DNA damage final report / 1983
Dissolved Free Amino Acids, Combined Amino Acids, and DNA as Sources of Carbon and Nitrogen to Marine Bacteria. 1993
DNA repair 1985
DNA repair and mutagenesis in eukaryotes 1980
DNA repair processes : from the third annual workshop sponsored by the Institute for Medical Research and the National Institute on Aging / 1977
DNA repair, chromosome alterations, and chromatin structure : proceedings of an international meeting held at Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 23-25 April 1981 1982
DNA replication 1980
DNA systematics 1986
DNA-Benzo(a)Pyrene Adducts Formed in a 'Salmonella typbimurium' Mutagenesis Assay System. 1979
Dose-Dependency of 2-Acetylaminofluorene Binding to Liver DNA and Hemoglobin in Mice and Rats. 1981
Effects of Developmental Stage and Tissue Type on Embryo/Fetal DNA Distributions and 5-Fluorouracil-Induced Cell-Cycle Perturbations. 1993
Electrochemical Detection of Hydroxyl Free Radical Adducts to Deoxyguanosine. 1988
Evolution of genes and proteins 1983
Formation of DNA Adducts in 1OT1/2 Mouse Embryo Fibroblasts Incubated with Benzo(a)pyrene or Dihydrodiol Oxide Derivatives. 1979
Genetic engineering : principles and methods / 1979
Health effects test guidelines and support documents. 1982
Human Epithelial Cell Activation Systems. 1982
Human Hepatocyte-Mediated Mutagenesis and DNA Repair Activity. 1983
Induction of DNA-Protein Crosslinks in Human Cells by Ultraviolet and Visible Radiations: Action Spectrum. 1985
Integrated Mutagenicity Testing Program Report with Cover Letter dated 02/21/78. 1977
Letter from Smelter Environmental Research Association to USEPA Submitting Two Research Reports on Arsenic Compounds, Cadmium Compounds and Calcium Sulfate with Attachments. 1978
Mechanisms of DNA damage and repair implications for carcinogenesis and risk assessment / 1986
Methods for detecting DNA damaging agents in humans : applications in cancer epidemiology and prevention / 1988
Molecular and cellular repair processes. 1972
Mutagenicity Evaluation of Chlorendic Anhydride in the Unscheduled DNA Synthesis in Human WI-38 Cells Assay (Final Report) with Attachments and Cover Letter Dated 06/15/78. 1978
New and revised health effects test guidelines. 1984
New and Revised Health Effects Test Guidelines. 1983
Norepinephrine and Epidermal Growth Factor: Dynamics of Their Interaction in the Stimulation of Hepatocyte DNA Synthesis. 1985
Ostrava Human Exposure and Biomarker Study. 1997
Physical Maps of 'Autographa californica' and 'Rachiplusia ou' Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus Recombinants. 1980
Proline is Required for the Stimulation of DNA Synthesis in Hepatocyte Cultures by EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor). 1985
Rapid detection and identification of infectious agents : papers given at an international symposium held in Berkeley, California 1985
Relationships between Benzo(a)pyrene-DNA Adduct Levels and Genotoxic Effects in Mammalian Cells. 1987
Reproductive Effects Assessment Group's Report on the Mutagenicity of Inorganic Arsenic. 1985
Restriction Map of 'Rachiplusia ou' and 'Rachiplusia ou-Autographa californica' Baculovirus Recombinants. 1980
Review and Evaluation of Human Genetic Bioassay Data for Some Known, Probable, and Unclassified Human Carcinogens. 1982
Tissue-Specific Sister Chromatid Exchange Analyses in Mutagen-Carcinogen Exposed Animals. 1983
Transfection with Baculovirus DNA. 1980
Tritium and other radionuclide labeled organic compounds incorporated in genetic material : recommendations of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements. 1979
Workshop on Exposure to Environmental Agents, Their Metabolism, and Mechanisms of Toxicity: Research Needs. 1981
Workshop proceedings : approaches for improving the assessment of human genetic risk : human biomonitoring, December 13-15, 1982, Washington, DC / 1982
Workshop proceedings : approaches for improving the assessment of human genetic risk : human biomonitoring, December 13-15, 1982, Washington, DC / 1984

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