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Main Title Molecular strategies in biological evolution /
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Caporale, Lynn Helena.
Publisher New York Academy of Sciences,
Year Published 1999
OCLC Number 41156527
ISBN 1573311928; 9781573311922; 1573311936; 9781573311939
Subjects Evolutionary genetics--Congresses ; Molecular evolution--Congresses ; Evolutie ; Strategie ; Moleculaire genetica ; Molekularbiologie ; Aufsatzsammlung ; Kongress ; Evolution, Molecular ; Molecular Biology ; Evolution, Molecular--Congresses ; Genetics, Biochemical--Congresses ; G en etique evolutive--Congr es ; Evolution mol eculaire--Congr es
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EJEM  Q11.N5 v.870 1999 OCSPP Chemical Library/Washington,DC 11/22/2002
Collation xiv, 434 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents Notes
Chance favors the prepared genome / Lynn Helena Caporale -- Part I. Structured pathways for variation : evolution as a biological function. Introduction / James A. Shapiro ; Genome system architecture and natural genetic engineering in evolution / James A. Shapiro ; Involvement of gene products in bacterial evolution / Werner Arber ; Palindromic DNA and genome stability. Further studies / Susanna Lewis, Ercan Akgèun, and Maria Jasin ; Evolution of immunoglobulin and T-cell receptor gene assembly / Susanna M. Lewis ; Mobile gene cassettes and integrons in evolution / Ruth M. Hall, Christina M. Collis, Mi-Jurng Kim, Sally R. Partridge, Gavin D. Recchia, and H.W. Stokes ; Evolutionary genomics of vertebrates and its implications / Giuseppe D'Onofrio, Kamel Jabbari, Hctor Musto, Fernando Alvarez-Valin, Stephane Cruveiller, and Giorgio Bernardi ; Summary / James A. Shapiro -- Part II. Modulation of fidelity and repair : fidelity and flexibility in evolution. Introduction / Stephen J. Benkovic ; The distribution of rates of spontaneous mutation over viruses, prokaryotes, and eukaryotes / John W. Drake ; Fidelity of retrotransposon replication / Abram Gabriel and Emilie H. Mules ; RNA processing in evolution. The logic of soft-wired genomes / Alan Herbert and Alexander Rich ; Mechanisms of mutation in nondividing cells. Insights from the study of adaptive mutation in Escherichia coli / Patricia L. Foster and William A. Rosche ; Evolution of evolvability / Miroslav Radman, Ivan Matic, and Franðcois Taddei ; Summary / Stephen J. Benkovic -- Part III. Context-dependent genetic alteration : cell and sequence context-dependent effects on genetic variation. Introduction / Lynn S. Ripley ; Predictability of mutant sequences. Relationships between mutational mechanisms and mutant specificity / Lynn S. Ripley ; DNA-directed mutations. Leading and lagging strand specificity / Richard R. Sinden, Vera I. Hashem, and William A. Rosche ; Evolution of the U-insertion/deletion RNA editing in mitochondria of kinetoplastid protozoa / Larry Simpson and Dmitri A. Maslov ; Immunoglobulin switch recombination may occur by a DNA end-joining mechanism / Amy Kenter and Robert Wuerffel ; Summary / Lynn S. Ripley -- Part IV. New contexts for functional DNA sequences : how do new functions evolve? Transgenic and mutational analyses of meiotic recombination in mice / Douglas L. Pittman, Kerry J. Schimenti, William H. Hanneman, and John C. Schimenti ; Speciation of cone snails and interspecific hyperdivergence of their venom. Peptides. Potential evolutionary significance of introns / Baldomero M. Olivera, Craig Walker, G. Edward Cartier, David Hooper, Ameurfina D. Santos, Robert Schoenfeld, Reshma Shetty, Maren Watkins, Pradip Bandyopadhyay, and David R. Hillyard ; Evolution of chordate Hox gene clusters / Frank H. Ruddle, Chris T. Amemiya, Janet L. Carr, Chang-Bae Kim, Christina Ledje, Cooduvalli S. Shashikant, and Gèunter P. Wagner ; Summary / Monica Riley -- Part V. Regulation of genetic variation. Transposable elements as a molecular evolutionary force / Nina V. Fedoroff ; Floricultural traits and transposable elements in the Japanese and common morning glories / Shigeru Iida, Atsushi Hoshino, Yasuyo Johzuka-Hisatomi, Yoshiki Habu, and Yoshishige Inagaki ; Mechanisms of genome-wide hypermutation in stationary phase / Mary-Jane Lombardo, Joel Torkelson, Harold J. Bull, Gregory J. McKenzie, and Susan M. Rosenberg ; Summary / Evelyn Fox Keller -- Part VI. Genomes as evolving systems. Introduction / Takashi Gojobori ; Dynamic evolution of genomes and the concept of genome space / Matthew I. Bellgard, Takeshi Itoh, Hidemi Watanabe, Tadashi Imanishi, and Takashi Gojobori ; Evolution of DNA organization in hypotrichous ciliates / David M. Prescott ; Detecting alien genes in bacterial genomes / Jan Mrázek and Samuel Karlin ; Elucidating sequence codes : three codes for evolution / Edward N. Trifonov ; Summary / Takashi Gojobori -- Closing session. Future directions : strategies and perspectives / Werner Arber ; Further remarks / Maclyn McCarty ; Concluding remarks / Werner Arber -- Poster session. Introduction to the poster presentations. Developmental themes and evolution / David Thaler ; Evolution of gene scrambling in ciliate micronuclear genes / Edward A. Curtis and Laura F. Landweber ; Protein binding to meiotic recombination hotspots in mouse testis / Hideo Gotoh, Dahai Zhu, and E.M. Eddy ; Homologous recombination and sex as a strategy against selfish genes attacking the genome / Ichizo Kobayashi ; Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis of Ustilago violacea / Caroll E. Henry, Philip Okoro, Evlene Steward-Clark, Edward D. Garber, and Manfred Ruddat ; Human chromosome 21. Why 40 Mb? / Katheleen Gardiner ; Sequence patterns observed in 5' flanking regions of primate Alu elements / Yoshima Toda, Rintaro Saito, and Masaru Tomita ; EXO1 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae functions in mutagenesis during double-strand break repair / Susan L. Holbeck and Jeffrey N. Strathern ; Contingency loci, mutator alleles, and their interactions. Synergistic strategies for microbial evolution and adaptation in pathogenesis / Dawn Field, Marcelo O. Magnasco, E. Richard Moxon, David Metzgar, Mark M. Tanaka, Christopher Wills, and David S. Thaler ; Specificity of transcription-enhanced mutations / Angelika Longacre, Jacqueline M. Reimers, and Barbara E. Wright ; E. coli RNA polymerase bypass of DNA base damage. Mutagenesis at the level of transcription / A. Viswanathan, J. Liu, and P.W. Doetsch ; Gonad recruitment of carboxylesterase genes during evolution of the reproductive system. Conserved male-specific overexpression in mussels, fruitflies, and mammals / A.T. Mikhailov, M. Torrado, M. Paz, and L.I. Korochkin ; Mutagenesis patterns in a tRNA mutation marker gene altered to include repetitive sequence replicated in mutS E. coli / Dan D. Levy and Thomas A. Cebula ; Modeling selection for adjustable genes based on simple sequence repeats / David G. King ; Directed evolution of mesophilic enzymes into their thermophilic counterparts / Frances H. Arnold, Lori Giver, Anne Gershenson, Huimin Zhao, and Ken Miyazaki ; Protein salvage by directed evolution. Functional restoration of a defective lysozyme mutant / Milan Jucovic and Anthony R. Poteete ; Is the genetic code really a frozen accident? New evidence from in vitro selection / Robin D. Knight and Laura F. Landweber ; The linguistics of DNA : words, sentences, grammar, phonetics, and semantics / Sungchul Ji ; Is there a link between mutation rates and the stringent response in Bacillus subtilis / Rivka Rudner, Audrey Murray, and Nazmul Huda ; Does the fountain"!epitope model's rhythmic hydropathy continuum pattern satisfy the requirements of a nucleic acid meta-code or protein meta-form? / William J. Kokolus, Dennis A. Johnston, and Herbert A. Fritsche ; A comparative genomics approach to DNA asymmetry / M. Pilar Francino and Howard Ochman.