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Main Title Hands-On Chemical Ecology Simple Field and Laboratory Exercises / [electronic resource] :
Author Müller-Schwarze, Dietland.
Publisher Springer New York,
Year Published 2009
Call Number QH540-549.5
ISBN 9781441903785
Subjects Life sciences ; Ecology ; Plant Ecology ; Animal Physiology ; Invertebrates ; Entomology
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Edition 1.
Collation online resource.
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Contents Notes
Field Experiments -- Mutualism: Effects of Ants on Aphids, Their Predators, and Host Plants -- Predatory Fish Responses to Prey Odors (Chemical Lures) -- Sour Grapes: Methyl Anthranilate as Feeding Repellent for Birds -- Responses of Small Mammals to Predator Odors in the Field -- Squirrels' Avoidance of Predator Odors -- Squirrels, Acorns, and Tannins -- Field Grid for Testing Winter Feeding by Rabbits or Cottontails -- Food Choices by Mammalian Herbivores and the Role of Defense Compounds: Example Beaver -- Scent Marking in Free-Ranging Mammals. Examples: Beaver or Badger -- Capsaicin as Feeding Repellent for Mammals -- Search for "Chemical Ecology Stories" in the Forest or Other Ecosystem -- Laboratory Experiments -- Test for Cyanogenic Compounds in Plants -- Herbivory and a Simple Field Test for Total Phenolics in Trees -- Radial Diffusion Assay for Tannins -- Chemically induced defenses in phytoplankton -- Induced Defense: Herbivory on Juvenile vs. Adult Growth Stages of Trees -- Jasmonic Acid Effect on Plant Volatiles (or How to Make a Fern Smell Like a Rose) -- Effect of Tannins on Insect Feeding Behavior -- Leaf Disk Test: Bioassay of Effect of Tannins on Insect Feeding Behavior -- Two-Way Choice Test for Social Odors in Mice -- Scent Marking in Mice: Open Field Test -- Human Body Odor Discrimination: T-Shirt Experiment -- Coping with Plant Volatiles in Spicy Food ("Burping Exercise") -- Perspectives of Experiments: Development and Application -- Miscellaneous Experiments Chosen by Students -- Further Possible Experiments. Hands-On Chemical Ecology: Simple Field and Laboratory Exercises, a premiere collection of practical exercises in chemical ecology, offers tools and strategies for understanding this young science. The exercises included use general principles and follow a simple structure. Topics examined include birds, fish, insects, mammals, and plant chemistry among others. Additionally, exercises require accessible materials, ensuring that each can be easily modified and completed anywhere in the world with locally existing instruments. This text will be of value to undergraduate and graduates students and high school biology teachers. About the Author: Professor Dietland Müller-Schwarze has published Chemical Ecology of Vertebrates (Cambridge University Press 2006), co-edited 10 volumes of "Chemical Signals in Vertebrates" (Plenum Press), and written nearly 200 research papers in the field of chemical ecology. For several years, he has taught "Introduction to Chemical Ecology," an undergraduate course, and "Chemical Ecology of Vertebrates," a graduate course, at the State University of New York's College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Dr. Müller-Schwarze has also been a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Chemical Ecology for 27 years.