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Model Clearinghouse Information Storage and Retrieval System

The Air Quality Modeling Group (AQMG) of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for providing and maintaining air quality models that are acceptable for use in regulatory applications. The Model Clearinghouse resides in AQMG, and is the single EPA focal point for reviewing the use of modeling techniques for specific regulatory applications. Model Clearinghouse recommendations are used routinely by EPA Regional Offices in assisting their States in modeling for State Implementation Plans and for Prevention of Significant Deterioration permits. The Clearinghouse also serves to compile and report Agency decisions concerning deviations from the requirements of the Guideline on Air Quality Models (Revised). States can use this information directly as guidance for their ongoing regulatory modeling activities.

The Model Clearinghouse Information Storage and Retrieval System (MCHISRS) is an electronic data base system designed to help the Model Clearinghouse manage information about referrals from the EPA Regional Offices involving the interpretation of modeling guidance for specific regulatory applications.

While the system was designed to only assist EPA internally, we believe that it may be useful to the States and private sector modelers to know something about the history of applications, perhaps similar to one they are working on. MCHISRS consists of approximately 1400 records of correspondence and conversations between the Clearinghouse and the Regional Offices.

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