EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research)

In Response to a FY1997 Request for Applications

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Annual/ Final Reports Pubs Count Institution Project Period
1 R826399E01
1997 South Carolina EPA/EPSCoR Program—Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) and Management Odom, Jerome
Burnett, Karen
Coull, Bruce C.  

  University of South Carolina at Columbia, Medical University of South Carolina March 1998 -
August 2000  
2 R826399E02
A Multidisciplinary Effort Linking the Impact of Sediment Contaminant Mixtures on Toxicological Response with Genetic Adaptation Coull, Bruce C.
Chandler, G. Thomas
Decho, Alan
Quattro, Joseph M.
Shaw, Timothy J.  

Total Pubs: 34
Journals: 14
-- No Books --
University of South Carolina at Columbia March 1998 -
August 2000  
3 R826399E03
An Integrated Assessment of Reproductive and Development Risks to Estuarine Communities Exposed to Hazardous Chemicals by Trophic Transfer Burnett, Karen
Bearden, Daniel W
Christl, Thomas J.
DeLorenzo, Marie E.
Fulton, Michael H.
Harvey, B.
Karnaky, Karl J.
Melo, A. C.
Pennington, Paul L.
Ramsdell, John S.
Scott, Geoffrey I.
Strozier, E. D.  
  Medical University of South Carolina, Colorado School of Mines, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration March 1998 -
August 2000  
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