Water and Watersheds

Request for Applications closing date: April 1, 1998

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R826552
Restoring and Sustaining the Salton Sea: Supporting Science and Environmental Data Collection and Analysis Kirk, Tom   Salton Sea Authority September 1998 -
September 2003  
2 R827145
When Do Stakeholder Negotiations Work? A Multiple Lens Analysis of Watershed Restorations in California and Washington Sabatier, Paul A.
Bolton, Susan
Cook, Elizabeth
Leach, William
Pelkey, Neil
Quinn, James  
University of California - Davis, University of Washington - Seattle January 1999 -
December 2000  
3 R827146
Developing Methods and Tools for Watershed Restoration: Design, Implementation, and Assessment in the Willamette Basin, Oregon Bolte, John P.
Adamus, Paul
Erickson, Dana C.
Gilden, Jennifer D.
Gries, Sue
Jepson, Paul C.
Lamy, F.
Langpap, C.
Li, Judith L.
Polasky, Stephen
Santelmann, Mary
Smith, Courtland
Smith, Steven P.
Vache, K.  
Oregon State University October 1998 -
September 2001
(Extended to September 2002)  
4 R827147
Development of an Urban Watershed Rehabilitation Method Using Stakeholder Feedback to Direct Investigation and Restoration Planning Matlock, Marty D.
Kenimer, Ann L.
Neill, William H.
Peterson, Tarla Rai
Samuelson, Charles D.
Whitten, Guy D.  
Texas A & M University October 1998 -
September 2001
(Extended to March 2003)  
5 R827148
Development of an Integrated Scientific and Technological Framework for Stream Naturalization Rhoads, Bruce L.
Garcia, Marcelo
Herricks, Edwin E.
Wilson, David  
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign October 1998 -
September 2001  
6 R827149
Integrating Salmon Habitat Restoration and Flood Hazard Initiatives: Societal/Biophysical Estimators for the Cedar River and Implications for Regional Rivers Wissmar, Robert C.
Fluharty, David L.
Leschine, Thomas M.
Montgomery, Melissa
Timm, Raymond K.  
University of Washington, University of Washington - Seattle February 1999 -
January 2002
(Extended to January 2003)  
7 R827150
Restoring and Maintaining Riparian Ecosystem Integrity in Arid Watersheds: Meeting the Challenge through Science and Policy Analysis Maddock, Thomas
Baird, Kate
Baker, Victor R.
Breckenridge, Cabell
Colby, Bonnie G.
Glennon, Robert J.
Rogers, James E.
Stromberg, Julie  
University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Arizona State University - Main Campus January 1999 -
January 2002  
8 R827168
Social Impact Assessment of Human Exposure to Mercury Related to Land Use and Physicochemical Settings in the Alabama-Mobile River System Bonzongo, Jean-Claude J.
Bryan, C. H.
Bryan, Hobson C.
Chaubey, Indrajeet
Lyons, W. Berry
Roden, Eric E.
Ward, Milton G.
Warner, Kimberly A.  
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Austin College, The Ohio State University, University of Arkansas - Little Rock, University of Florida December 1998 -
December 2001  
9 R827169
Whole Watershed Health and Restoration: Applying the Patuxent and Gwynns Falls Landscape Models to Designing a Sustainable Balance Between Humans and the Rest of Nature Costanza, Robert
Boumans, Roelof
Maxwell, Thomas
Villa, Ferdinando
Voinov, Alexey
Wainger, Lisa  
University of Maryland March 1999 -
February 2001  
10 R827288
Integrating Models of Citizens Perceptions, Metal Contaminants, and Wetlands Restoration in an Urbanizing Watershed Tucker, Robert K.
Altomari, Chris
Choi, Jung H.
Hajdusek, Julie
Hawkins, George S.
Jaffe, Peter R.
Johnson, Branden B.
MacKay, Noelle
PFlugh, Kerry K.
Rowan, Andrew
Sankalia, Pria
Yergeau, Steve  
Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Princeton University, Rutgers University - New Brunswick March 1999 -
March 2002  

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