National Priorities: Evaluation of Pollutants in Biosolids

EPA awarded $5,976,976 in funding to four institutions for research to support states, municipalities, and utilities in determining the potential risks to human health and the environment from pollutants found in biosolids, also known as treated sewage sludge. Results from this research may inform the development of standards and policies for biosolids management.

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Request for Applications closing date: January 5, 2021

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Grant Amount PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date Extended End Date State
1 R840245
Unregulated Organic Chemicals in Biosolids: Prioritization, Fate and Risk Evaluation for Land Applications Olabode, Lola
Gan, Jay
Lee, Linda S.
McAvoy, Drew  
Water Research Foundation, Purdue University, University of California Riverside, University of Cincinnati $1,497,907   October 01, 2021 -
September 30, 2024  
October 01, 2021   September 30, 2024     CO  
2 R840247
Fate and Transport of Unregulated Organic Contaminants in Biosolids - Development of a Human and Environmental Exposure Risk Framework Prasse, Carsten
Burke, Thomas A.
Nachman, Keeve  
Johns Hopkins University $1,498,000   September 01, 2021 -
August 31, 2024  
September 01, 2021   August 31, 2024     --  
3 R840248
Elucidating the occurrence of known and emerging chemical contaminants in wastewater biosolids and the influence of treatment and management processes on their fate, mobility and bioavailability Hale, Robert C.
Guardia, Mark La
Luellen, Drew
Song, Bongkeun  
Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Hampton Roads Sanitation District $1,486,562   September 01, 2021 -
July 31, 2024  
September 01, 2021   July 31, 2024     VA  
4 R840252
Assessing biosolid treatment processes on pollutant environmental fate and plant uptake following land application. Li, Hui
Carignan, Courtney
Huang, Qingguo
Ippolito, James
Norton, John
Zhang, Wei  
Michigan State University, Colorado State University, Great Lake Water Authority, University of Georgia Research Foundation $1,498,000   September 01, 2021 -
August 31, 2024  
September 01, 2021   August 31, 2024     MI  

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