Advancing Actionable Alternatives to Vertebrate Animal Testing for Chemical Safety Assessment

EPA awarded grants to five universities to research the development and use of alternative test methods and strategies that reduce, refine, and/or replace vertebrate animal testing.

Request for Applications closing date: September 25, 2018

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date State
1 R839501
Instrumenting phenotypic immunological responses to toxicants that threaten human reproduction Osteen, Kevin G
Bruner-Tran, Kaylon L.
Cliffel, David
McLean, John  
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Vanderbilt University August 2019 -
July 2022  
August 2019   July 2022   TN  
2 R839502
Skeletal teratogenicity of industrial and environmental chemicals predicted with human pluripotent stem cells in vitro zur Nieden, Nicole I
Volz, David C.  
University of California - Riverside August 2019 -
July 2022  
August 2019   July 2022   CA  
3 R839503
Reducing the reliance on early-life stage testing with relevance to euryhaline fishes: Development and implementation of in-vitro assays predictive of early life stage toxicity and population-level effects in Menidia beryllina Brander, Susanne M
Armbrust, Kevin
Chappell, Patrick
White, Wilson  
Oregon State University, Louisiana State University August 2019 -
July 2022  
August 2019   July 2022   OR  
4 R839504
A Neurovascular Unit on Chip for Reducing Animals in Organophosphate Neurotoxicology Cliffel, David
May, Jody
McLaughlin, BethAnn  
Vanderbilt University, Vanderbilt University Medical Center August 2019 -
July 2020  
August 2019   July 2020   TN  
5 R839505
Multiplexed human BrainSphere Developmental Neurotoxicity Test for Six Key Events of Neural Development Lena, Smirnova
Cynthia, Berlinicke
David, Gracias
Thomas, Hartung  
The Johns Hopkins University August 2019 -
July 2020  
August 2019   July 2020   MD  

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