Particulate Matter and Related Pollutants in a Changing World

EPA awarded 13 grants for research to provide critical scientific information to address continuing challenges to protecting the air we breathe -- now and into the future -- with consideration of potential future policies, changes in emissions from natural and manmade sources, and variations in weather patterns. This research will help better protect human health and the environment by producing more complete understanding and more accurate information regarding impacts of changing manmade emissions.

Request for Applications closing date: March 14, 2014

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R835869
Wildfires in the Rocky Mountains Region: Current and Future Impacts on PM2.5, Health, and Policy Liu, Yang
Chang, Howard
Fu, Joshua
Liu, Yongqiang
Strickland, Matthew J  
Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, U.S. Forest Service, University of Nevada - Reno, University of Tennessee - Knoxville January 2016 -
December 2018
(Extended to December 2020)  
2 R835874
Ensemble Analysis of Global Change Projections for US Air Quality Using a Novel Combination of Lagrangian and Gridded Air Quality Models Lamb, Brian
Avise, Jeremy C.
Chung, Sandra
Edburg, Steven Lee
Fast, Jerome D.
Guenther, Alex
Lee, Yunha
Vaughan, Joseph
Walden, Von P.
Zaveri, Rahul A.  
Washington State University, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of California - Irvine January 2016 -
December 2018
(Extended to December 2019)  
3 R835875
Effects of Changes in Climate and Land Use on U.S. Dust and Wildfire Particulate Matter Mickley, Loretta J.
Jacob, Daniel J.
Kaplan, Jed  
Harvard University, ARVE Research Sarl January 2016 -
December 2018  
4 R835876
Particulate Matter Prediction and Source Attribution for U.S. Air Quality Management in a Changing World Liang, Xin-Zhong
Dickerson, Russell R.
He, Hao
Sanyal, Swarnali
Sun, Chao
Tao, Zhining
Wuebbles, Donald J.  
University of Maryland - College Park, Goddard Earth Sciences Technology & Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign April 2016 -
March 2019  
5 R835877
Rethinking the Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA) Under Changing Climate by Incorporating Mechanistic and Field Constraints Jimenez, Jose-Luis
Aumont, Bernard
Emmons, Louisa
Hodzic, Alma
Lamarque, Jean-Francois
Madronich, Sasha  
University of Colorado at Boulder, National Center for Atmospheric Research January 2016 -
December 2018  
6 R835878
Quantifying Risks from Changing U.S. PM2.5 Distributions Due to Climate Variability and Warming with Large Multi-Model Ensembles and High-Resolution Downscaling Fiore, Arlene M
West, Jason  
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill January 2016 -
December 2018
(Extended to December 2020)  
7 R835879
Optimal Energy Portfolios to Sustain Economic Advantage, Achieve GHG Targets, and Minimize PM2.5. Kleeman, Michael J.
Chen, Shu-Hua
Muller, Nicholas
Ogden, Joan
Yeh, Sonia  
University of California - Davis, Middlebury College April 2016 -
March 2019  
8 R835880
Integrated Analysis of Land Use-Based Policies for Improving Air and Water Quality: A Focus on Agricultural Reactive Nitrogen and Wildland Fire Emissions as Climate, Land Use and Anthropogenic Emissions Change Russell, Armistead G.
Burtraw, Dallas
Driscoll, Charles T.
Odman, Mehmet Talat
Shih, Jhih-Shyang
Siikamäki, Juha
Siikamäki, Juha
Smith, Richard  
Georgia Institute of Technology, Resources for the Future, Syracuse University, United States Geological Survey [USGS] January 2016 -
December 2018
(Extended to June 2020)  
9 R835881
Effects of Ammonia on Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in a Changing Climate Dabdub, Donald
Nizkorodov, Sergey  
University of California - Irvine January 2016 -
December 2018
(Extended to December 2019)  
10 R835882
The Effect of Ammonia on Organic Aerosols in a Changing Climate Weber, Rodney J.
Huey, Greg
Ng, Nga Lee
Russell, Armistead G.  
Georgia Institute of Technology January 2016 -
December 2018
(Extended to December 2019)  
11 R835883
Interplay Between Black and Brown Carbon from Biomass Burning and Climate Murphy, Shane Michael   University of Wyoming January 2016 -
December 2018  
12 R835884
Planning for an Unknown Future: Incorporating Meteorological Uncertainty into Predictions of the Impact of Fires and Dust on US Particulate Matter Fischer, Emily
Barnes, Elizabeth
Pierce, Jeffrey  
Colorado State University January 2016 -
December 2018
(Extended to December 2019)  
13 R835885
Evaluating the Timeline of Particulate Matter Exposure from Urban Transportation and Land-Use Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies Using a Novel Modeling Framework Rowangould, Gregory   University of New Mexico January 2016 -
December 2018  

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