National Center for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Modeling Research

EPA awarded University of Texas at Austin (UT) funding to develop a center for sustainable water infrastructure modeling research. The Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management will use open source water infrastructure models while sharing green infrastructure tools and research with local communities and stakeholders. The center will also be open to the public, allowing for community engagement with individuals interested in water infrastructure modeling.

UT Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management Exit

Request for Applications closing date: March 10, 2014

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R835950

- Main center abstract - UT Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management
A Sustainable Center for Crowd-Sourced Water Infrastructure Modeling Hodges, Ben R.
Ames, Daniel P.
Barrett, Michael E.
Berglund, Emily
Cleveland, Theodore G.
Leite, Fernanda
Pechacek, Linda D
Rowney, A. Charles
Urbonas, Ben

- Principal Investigators listed are
sub-PIs determined by the center.
The University of Texas at Austin, Brigham Young University, North Carolina State University, Texas Tech University, Urban Watersheds Research Institute September 2016 -
August 2021  

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