Indoor Air and Climate Change

EPA awarded grants to nine institutions for innovative research projects to improve understanding of the effects of climate change on indoor air quality and the resulting health effects. These projects will explore the anticipated effects of climate change on indoor air quality directly through a variety of mechanisms, and indirectly through adaptations in building use and designs.

Factsheet: Understanding the Effects of Climate Change on Indoor Air Quality and Public Health (PDF) (2 pp, 191 K, About PDF)

Request for Applications closing date: January 23, 2014

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R835749
Indoor Environment and Emergency Response Health Outcomes Uejio, Christopher K
Carrel, Margaret
Tamerius, James D  
Florida State University, University of Iowa, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill May 2015 -
April 2018
(Extended to April 2020)  
2 R835750
Combining Measurements and Models to Predict the Impacts of Climate Change and Weatherization on Indoor Air Quality and Chronic Health Effects in U.S. Residences
 Stephens, Brent   Illinois Institute of Technology November 2014 -
October 2017
(Extended to July 2019)  
3 R835751
Indoor Exposure to Pollutants Associated with Oxidative Chemistry: Field Studies and Window-Opening Behavior Ercal, Nuran
Morrison, Glenn C
Lobo, Prem
Loka, Arun Kumar Reddy
Williams, Brent  
Missouri University of Science and Technology, Washington University November 2014 -
October 2017
(Extended to October 2019)  
4 R835752
Climate Change Mitigation in Low-Income Communities in Colorado: Home Weatherization Impacts on Respiratory Health and Indoor Air Quality during Wildfires Miller, Shelly
Adgate, John L.
Carlton, Elizabeth
Humphrey, Jamie L.
Root, Elisabeth
Shrestha, Prateek  
University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado School of Public Health, The Ohio State University, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado at Denver November 2014 -
October 2017
(Extended to June 2018)  
5 R835754
Determinants of Indoor and Outdoor Exposure to Ozone and Extreme Heat in a Warming Climate and the Health Risks for an Aging Population Sailor, David J
Banerjee, Deborah
Hayden, Mary
Hu, Huafen
Nepal, Vishnu
Nichka, Doug
Wiedinmyer, Christine
Wilhelmi, Olga  
Arizona State University, City of Houston Department of Health and Human Services, Portland State University, Arizona State University - Tempe, National Center for Atmospheric Research, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research January 2015 -
January 2018
(Extended to January 2019)  
6 R835755
Assessing the Potential Impact of Global Warming on Indoor Air Quality and Human Health in Two US Cities: Boston, MA and Atlanta, GA Koutrakis, Petros
Mickley, Loretta J.
Sarnat, Jeremy
Sarnat, Stefanie Ebelt
Zanobetti, Antonella  
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University, Harvard University, School of Engineering and Applied Statistics, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University November 2014 -
October 2017
(Extended to October 2018)  
7 R835756
Integrated Measurements and Modeling Using US Smart Homes to Assess Climate Change Impacts on Indoor Air Quality Lamb, Brian
Cook, Diane
Jobson, B. Thomas
Kirk, W. Max
Pressley, Shelley N.
Walden, Von P.  
Washington State University November 2014 -
October 2017
(Extended to December 2018)  
8 R835757
Impacts of Weatherization on Microbial Ecology and Human Health Brown, G Z
Den Wymelemberg, Kevin Van
Green, Jessica
Johnson-Shelton, Deborah  
University of Oregon, Oregon Research Institute August 2015 -
April 2017
(Extended to April 2018)  
9 R835759
Climate Change, Indoor Ozone and Vascular Function Kipen, Howard
Barr, Dana Boyd
Georgopoulos, Panos G.
Lioy, Paul J.
Meng, Qingyu
Ohman-Strickland, Pamela
Ryan, P. Barry
Weschler, Charles J.  
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Emory University May 2015 -
April 2018
(Extended to April 2019)  

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