National Priorities: Systems-Based Strategies to Improve The Nation’s Ability to Plan And Respond to Water Scarcity and Drought Due to Climate Change

EPA awarded grants to four institutions for research in system-based strategies to improve water scarcity and drought. These research grants investigate how drought may impact surface water and groundwater quality and availability.

Request for Applications closing date: August 5, 2014

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R835864
Fuel Reduction Techniques as Effective Forested Watershed Management Practices against Wildfire: Drinking Water Quality Aspects Karanfil, Tanju
Chow, Alex  
Clemson University September 2015 -
August 2018
(Extended to August 2019)  
2 R835865
An Integrated Modeling and Decision Framework to Evaluate Adaptation Strategies for Sustainable Drinking Water utility management under drought and climate change Ozekin, Kenan
Kasprzyk, Joseph Robert
Livneh, Benjamin
Rajagopalan, Balaji
Rosario-Ortiz, Fernando
Summers, R. Scott  
Water Research Foundation, University of Colorado at Boulder September 2015 -
August 2018
(Extended to August 2019)  
3 R835866
Prediction of Nonlinear Climate Variations Impacts on Eutrophication and Ecosystem Processes and Evaluation of Adaptation Measures in Urban and Urbanizing Watersheds Barber, Michael
Burian, Steven
Clark, Brett
Goel, Ramesh
Hinners, Sarah  
University of Utah September 2015 -
August 2018
(Extended to August 2020)  
4 R835867
Preparing for Water Scarcity: Learning from California’s Recent Drought Hanak, Ellen
Lund, Jay  
Public Policy Institute of California, University of California - Davis September 2015 -
August 2018  

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