Air Pollution Monitoring for Communities

EPA awarded grants to six research organizations to work with local communities to explore data quality, durability and uses of low-cost air pollution sensor technology. These research projects will explore how scientific data can be effectively gathered and used by communities to learn about local air quality. These grants are funded through the Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program.

Request for Applications closing date: October 7, 2014

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Grant Amount PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date Extended End Date State
1 R836182
Shared Air/Shared Action (SA2): Community Empowerment through Low-costAir Pollution Monitoring Griswold, Wendy
Erdal, Serap
Wasserman, Kim
Urbaszewski, Brian
Salazar, Peggy
Renas, Margaret
Merritt, Gail
Menke, Donna
Maghirang, Ronaldo
Johnson, Cheryl
Erickson, Larry E.  
Kansas State University, Alliance for a Greener South Loop, Delta Institute, Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, People for Community Recovery, Respiratory Health Association, Southeast Environmental Task Force, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Memphis $750,000   May 01, 2016 -
April 30, 2019
(Extended to April 30, 2020)  
May 01, 2016   April 30, 2019  
April 30, 2020  
2 R836183
The Hawaii Island Volcanic Smog Sensor Network (HI-Vog): Tracking airquality and community engagement near a major emissions hotspot Kroll, Jesse H.
Heald, Colette L.  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Kohala Center $750,000   May 01, 2016 -
April 30, 2019
(Extended to April 30, 2022)  
May 01, 2016   April 30, 2019  
April 30, 2022  
3 R836184
Engage, Educate, and Empower California Communities on the Use and Applications of Low-cost Air Monitoring Sensors Polidori, Andrea
Dye, Timothy S
Fine, Philip M.
Hafner, Hilary
Low, Jason
Tisopulos, Laki
Zhu, Yifang  
South Coast Air Quality Management District, Sonoma Technology, Inc., University of California - Los Angeles $749,820   May 01, 2016 -
April 30, 2019
(Extended to April 30, 2022)  
May 01, 2016   April 30, 2019  
April 30, 2022  
4 R836185
Putting Next Generation Sensors and Scientists in Practice to Reduce Wood Smoke in a Highly Impacted, Multicultural Rural Setting (NextGenSS) Karr, Catharine J.
Austin, Elena
Yost, Michael
Simpson, Christopher
Seto, Edmund
Riley, Erin
Larson, Timothy V.
Black, Jessica  
University of Washington, Heritage University $749,999   August 01, 2016 -
July 31, 2019
(Extended to July 31, 2020)  
August 01, 2016   July 31, 2019  
July 31, 2020  
5 R836187
Monitoring the Air in Our Community: Engaging Citizens in Research Cho, Seung-Hyun
Chang, Cindy
Cicutto, Lisa
Crews, Krysten
Doraiswamy, Prakash
Harris, James
Hawthorne, Wendy
McCombs, Michelle
McCullough, Molly
Powers, Susan E.
Schmoll, Emma  
Research Triangle Institute, Groundwork Denver, National Jewish Health $749,837   May 01, 2016 -
April 30, 2019
(Extended to April 30, 2023)  
May 01, 2016   April 30, 2019  
April 30, 2023  
6 R836286
Democratization of Measurement and Modeling Tools for Community Actionon Air Quality, and Improved Spatial Resolution of Air Pollutant Concentrations Presto, Albert
Ramachandran, Subramanian
Downs, Julie
Pandis, Spyros N.  
Carnegie Mellon University $749,945   May 01, 2016 -
April 30, 2019
(Extended to April 30, 2021)  
May 01, 2016   April 30, 2019  
April 30, 2021  

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