Water Quality Benefits

EPA awarded funding to six universities to work with local communities to better understand the economic value of water quality. This research will help communities and environmental experts make more informed choices about the costs and benefits of actions that protect and improve the quality of their waterways.

Request for Applications closing date: January 14, 2015

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Grant Amount PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date Extended End Date State
1 R836165
Estimating the Benefits of Stream Water Quality Improvements in Urbanizing Watersheds: An Ecological Production Function Approach von Haefen, Roger
Gerst, Michael
Kenney, Melissa
Obenour, Daniel Redd
Taylor, Laura
Van Houtven, George L.  
North Carolina State University, Desert Research Institute, University of Maryland - College Park $799,728   June 01, 2016 -
May 31, 2020
(Extended to May 31, 2021)  
June 01, 2016   May 31, 2020  
May 31, 2021  
2 R836166
Valuing Water Quality Improvements in Midwestern Ecosystems: SpatialVariability, Validity and Extent of the Market for Total Value Kling, Catherine L.
Dolph, Christine L
Finlay, Jacques C
Keiser, David A
Phaneuf, Daniel J.
Vossler, Christian
Zhao, Jinhua  
Iowa State University, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, University of Tennessee, University of Wisconsin - Madison $800,000   April 01, 2016 -
March 31, 2021
(Extended to March 31, 2022)  
April 01, 2016   March 31, 2021  
March 31, 2022  
3 R836167
Estimation of Spatially Explicit Water Quality Benefits throughout River Systems: Development of Next Generation Stated Preference Methods Using National Probability Samples and Online Labor Pools Johnston, Robert J
Moeltner, Klaus
Wollheim, Wil  
Clark University, University of New Hampshire, Virginia Tech $799,919   April 01, 2016 -
March 31, 2019
(Extended to March 31, 2022)  
April 01, 2016   March 31, 2019  
March 31, 2022  
4 R836168
An Integrated Valuation Model Linking Nutrient Reductions to Changing Ecosystem Services in Freshwater Systems Herriges, Joseph A.
Lupi, Frank
Stevenson, R. Jan  
Michigan State University $799,074   September 01, 2016 -
August 31, 2020
(Extended to August 31, 2021)  
September 01, 2016   August 31, 2020  
August 31, 2021  
5 R836169
Assessing the Contribution of Small Streams to Use and Non-use WaterQuality Values Using Modeling, Stakeholder Participation, and Decision Theory Borsuk, Mark E.
Howarth, Richard B.
Chen, Celia Y
Rogers, Shannon H.
Zuidema, Shan  
Dartmouth College, Duke University, Plymouth State University, University of New Hampshire $798,337   April 01, 2016 -
March 31, 2021
(Extended to March 31, 2022)  
April 01, 2016   March 31, 2021  
March 31, 2022  
6 R836320
Valuation of Water Quality Change in Environment and Economy Context: Ecosystem Services across Gradients of Degradation and Local Economic Interest Swallow, Stephen
Helton, Ashley
Kirchhoff, Christine
Liu, Pengfei
Towe, Charles
Vadas, Timothy M.  
University of Connecticut $799,994   August 01, 2016 -
July 31, 2019
(Extended to July 31, 2022)  
August 01, 2016   July 31, 2019  
July 31, 2022  

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