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Science for Sustainable and Healthy Tribes

EPA awarded six universities to research and develop sustainable solutions to environmental problems that affect tribes to improve the understanding of the health impacts of climate change on tribal populations, and the health impacts of indoor air pollution exposures that derive from or are directly affecting traditional tribal life-ways and cultural practices.

Request for Applications closing date: June 25, 2013

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R835594
Water, Our Voice to the Future: Climate change adaptation and waterborne disease prevention on the Crow Reservation Doyle, John
Camper, Anne  
Little Big Horn College, Montana State University August 2014 -
July 2017  
2 R835595
Coastal Climate Impacts to First Foods, Cultural Sites, and Tribal Community Health and Well-being Donatuto, Jamie
Campbell, Larry
Grossman, Eric
Grossman, Sarah
McBride, Aundrea  
Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, Skagit System Cooperative, USGS Western Fisheries Research Center June 2014 -
May 2017  
3 R835596
From Home to School: Tribal Indoor Air Quality Intervention Study Shaughnessy, Richard J
Khan, Sohail  
University of Tulsa, Cherokee Nation Environmental Program and Health Services, Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, Navajo Nation - EPA and Dept. of Diné Education, Nimiipuu Health, University of Oklahoma June 2014 -
May 2017  
4 R835597
Assessment, Monitoring and Adaptation To Food and Water Security Threats to the Sustainability of Arctic Remote Alaska Native Villages Berner, James E.
Brubaker, Michael  
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium July 2014 -
June 2017  
5 R835604
Identifying, Assessing and Adapting to Climate Change Impacts to Yurok Water and Aquatic Resources, Food Security and Tribal Health Fluharty, Suzanne
Cozzetto, Karen
Wotkyns, Susan Rose  
Yurok Tribe Environmental Program, Northern Arizona University July 2014 -
June 2017  
6 R835605
Subsistence Hunting and Associated Activities of Native North Americans in Remote Communities: Measurement of Indoor Air Quality in Tents as Related to Wood-Smoke Exposures, and the Identification of Potential Health Risks Peltier, Richard E
Liberda, Eric N
Tsuji, Leonard J  
University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Ryerson University, University of Toronto May 2014 -
April 2017  

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