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Request for Applications closing date: January 31, 1997

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R825751
Effects of natural and anthropogenic processes on Tillamook Bay and its watershed: An integrated process study and land-use perspective McManus, James
Ford, M. Jesse
Komar, Paul
Smith, Courtland  
Oregon State University October 1997 -
September 2000
(Extended to September 2001)  
2 R825757
Social and Ecological Transferability of Integrated Ecological Assessment Models Deegan, Linda A.
Kremer, James
Webler, Thomas  
Marine Biological Laboratory, Social and Environmental Research Institute, University of Connecticut, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution June 1998 -
May 2001  
3 R825758
Community Values and the Long-term Ecological Integrity of Rapidly Urbanizing Watersheds Beck, Michael B.
Norton, Bryan G.
Patten, Bernard C.
Porter, Karen G.
Rasmussen, Todd C.
Steinemann, Anne C.  
University of Georgia, Duke University June 1998 -
May 2001
(Extended to February 2004)  
4 R825759
Risk Based Urban Watershed Management-Integration of Water Quality and Flood Control Objectives Novotny, Vladimir
Clark, David
Cloark, David
Griffin, Robert J  
Marquette University October 1997 -
September 2000
(Extended to September 2001)  
5 R825760
From Landscapes to Waterscapes: Integrating Framework for Urbanizing Watersheds Diplas, Panayiotis
Benfield, Ernest F.
Bosch, Darrell J.
Cox, W. E.
Dymond, R.
Greene, R. G.
Gupta, R.
Kibler, David F.
Lohani, Vinod K.
Mostaghimi, Saied
Nagarkatti, P. S.
Orth, Donald J.
Shabman, Leonard A.
Stephenson, Stephen K.  
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University October 1997 -
October 2000
(Extended to August 2001)  
6 R825761
An Integrated Ecological and Socio-Economic Approach to Evaluating and Reducing Agricultural Impacts on Upper Mississippi River Watersheds Gowda, Prasanna H.
Burgess, Andrew F.
Dalzell, Brent
Haro, Roger J.
Kollman, Fred
Mendez, Aida
Mulla, David
Napier, Ted L.
Stombaugh, Susie
Tucker, Mark
Ward, Andy  
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, The Ohio State University September 1997 -
August 2000
(Extended to March 2003)  
7 R825762
Linking Watershed-Scale Indicators of Changes in Atmospheric Deposition to Regional Response patterns Kahl, Jeffrey
Ballard, S.
Cosby, Bernard
Fernandez, Ivan
Ludwig, P.
Mageean, Deirdre
Norton, Sharon
Rubin, J.
Rustad, Lindsey  
University of Maine, USDA Forest Service, University of Virginia September 1997 -
August 2000
(Extended to September 2001)  
8 R825791
Ecological Risks, Stakeholder Values and River Basins: Testing Management Alternatives for the Illinois River Meo, Mark
Caneday, Lowell
Focht, Will
Lynch, Robert A.
Sankowski, Edward T.
Sipes, James
Vieux, Baxter
Willett, Keith D.  
University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University - Main Campus June 1998 -
May 2001
(Extended to May 2004)  
9 R825792
Impact of Social Systems on Ecology and Hydrology in Urban-Rural Watersheds: Integration for Restoration Pickett, S.T.A.
Band, L. R.
Burch, W. R.
Carcrra, J.
Carerra, J. M.
Foresman, Timothy W.
Grove, J. M.
Pouyat, R. V.
Zipperer, W. C.  
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, USDA Forest Service, University of Maryland, University of Maryland - Baltimore County, University of North Carolina, University of Toronto, Yale University June 1998 -
May 2001
(Extended to September 2001)  
10 R826282
An Integrated Watershed Approach to Evaluate and Model Ecosystem Effects of Erosion and Pollutant Transport in Urbanized Subalpine Landscapes Goldman, Charles R.
Heyvaert , Alan C.
Jassby, Alan D.
Kavvas, M. Levant
Reuter, John E.
Schladow, S. G.  
University of California - Davis June 1998 -
May 2001
(Extended to January 2002)  

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