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Dynamic Air Quality Management

EPA awarded five grants in 2012 for developing a more agile, adaptive air quality management (AQM) system (referred to as dynamic) that can be used to improve understanding of the conditions that influence air pollution. This research is improving the rate at which new information is incorporated into the AQM process as well as advancing strategies for management of air pollution episodes.

Request for Applications closing date: April 28, 2011

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R835215
Creating Building Blocks for a More Dynamic Air Quality Management Framework Demerjian, Kenneth L.
Beauharnois, Mark
Bielawa, Robert
Civerolo, Kevin
Hogrefe, Christian
Ku, Michael
Mao, Huiting
Yun, Jeongran  
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, The State University of New York at Albany, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, The State University of New York, U.S. EPA June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to May 2016)  
2 R835216
Analysis of Dynamic, Flexible NOx and SO2 Abatement from Power Plants in the Eastern U.S. and Texas McDonald-Buller, Elena
Allen, David T.
Craig, Michael T.
Kimura, Yosuke
McGaughey, Gary
Webster, Mort D.  
The University of Texas at Austin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University June 2012 -
May 2016  
3 R835217
Dynamic Management of Prescribed Burning for Better Air Quality Odman, Mehmet Talat
Chan, Daniel
Chang, Michael E.
Hu, Yongtao
Tian, Di
Wilt, Kenneth  
Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus, Georgia Environmental Protection Division June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to May 2016)  
4 R835218
Optimization of Multipollutant Air Quality Management Strategies Liao, Kuo-Jen   Texas A & M University - Kingsville June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to February 2016)  
5 R835219
Dynamic Electricity Generation for Addressing Daily Air Quality Exceedances in the US West, J. Jason
Blumsack, Seth
Vizuete, William  
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Pennsylvania State University June 2012 -
May 2014
(Extended to May 2015)  

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