Extreme Event Impacts on Air Quality and Water Quality with a Changing Global Climate

EPA awarded 12 grants to research the impact of extreme events caused by global climate change on air and water quality. The goal is to seek a better understanding of the hazards and to establish ways for climate scientists, impact assessment modelers, air and water quality managers, and other stakeholders to produce information necessary for sound policy on extreme events impacting air and water quality.

Request for Applications closing date: April 18, 2011

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R835186
Role of land use and BMPs in reducing the effect of extreme magnitude events on sediment and pollutant transport in the SE US Coastal Plain and Mississippi Alluvial Valley Hatten, Jeffery A   Oregon State University April 2012 -
March 2017  
2 R835187
Prediction and quantification of Combined Sewer Outflows under extreme storm events: Flow dynamics and Reduction of Combined Sewer Outflows Leon, Arturo
Alnahit, Ali
Choi, YunJi
Elayeb, Ibrahem  
Oregon State University June 2012 -
May 2017  
3 R835188
Early Career: The hazards of Extreme Climatic Events: Predicting Impacts Rohr, Jason R.   University of South Florida June 2012 -
May 2016  
4 R835189
Impacts of Climate-induced Changes in Extreme Events on Ozone and Particulate Matter Air Quality Wu, Shiliang
McCarty, Jessica
Owen, R. Chris  
Michigan Technological University, University of Louisville June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to May 2017)  
5 R835191
Response of Regional Air Quality to Severe Drought Allen, David T.
Huang, Ling
Kimura, Yosuke
McDonald-Buller, Elena
McGaughey, Gary
Zheng, Jeff  
The University of Texas at Austin June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to May 2016)  
6 R835192
Ensuring Safe Drinking Water in Lake Erie: Quantifying Extreme Weather Impacts on Cyanobacteria and Disinfection Byproducts (DPBs) Lee, Jiyoung
Liang, Song
Shum, C.K.  
The Ohio State University June 2012 -
May 2016  
7 R835193
Ecological Assessment of Generalized Littoral Environments Decision-Support System (EAGLE/OS) Muller-Karger, Frank Edgar
Chen, F. Robert
McCarthy, Matthew
Mendez-Lazaro, Pablo
Otis, Daniel  
University of South Florida, University of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences Campus June 2012 -
August 2014
(Extended to May 2016)  
8 R835194
Integrating Information from Climate Scientists and Resource Managers: Informing Preparedness and Adaptation to Extreme Event Impacts on Air and Water Quality in California Bedsworth, Louise W
Duffy, Philip B.
Tebaldi, Claudia  
Public Policy Institute of California, University of California - Davis, Climate Central June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to May 2019)  
9 R835195
Prediction of Effects of Changing Precipitation Extremes on Urban Water Quality Lettenmaier, Dennis P.
Yearsley, John
Baptiste, Marisa
Cao, Qian
Nijssen, Bart
Sun, Ning  
University of Washington June 2012 -
May 2016  
10 R835203
Forecasting and Evaluating Vulnerability of Watersheds to Climate Change, Extreme Events, and Algal Blooms Stevenson, R. Jan
Hyndman, David
Moore, Nathan
Qi, Jiaguo  
Michigan State University June 2012 -
May 2017  
11 R835204
Air Quality Impacts of Extreme Weather Events: Historical Analysis and Future Projection Wang, Yuhang
Deng, Yi
Loadholt, Jay
Park, Taewon
Song, Yongjia
Zeng, Tao
Zhang, Henian
Zhang, Yuzhong
Zou, Yufei  
Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Environmental Protection Division June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to May 2016)  
12 R835205
Extreme Air Quality Events Using a Hierarchy of Models: Present and Future Hess, Peter
Berner, Judith
Grigoriu, Mircea Dan
Mahowald, Natalie M.
Samorodnitsky, Gennady  
Cornell University, National Center for Atmospheric Research June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to May 2016)  
13 R835206
Combining Empirical Orthogonal Function and Extreme Value Theory Methods to Characterize Observed and Future Changes in Extreme U.S. Air Pollution Events Fiore, Arlene M
Polvani, Lorenzo M  
Columbia University in the City of New York June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to May 2016)  
14 R835228
Using Advanced Statistical Techniques to Identify the Drivers and Occurrence of Historical and Future Extreme Air Quality Events in the United States from Observations and Models Heald, Colette L.
Brown, Barbara G
Cooley, Dan
Gilleland, Eric
Hodzic, Alma
Reich, Brian  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Colorado State University, National Center for Atmospheric Research, North Carolina State University June 2012 -
May 2015
(Extended to May 2016)  

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